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Beginners Guide to All Direct Costing on Sponsored Projects Homework Answers

by Jul 9, 2017Accounting

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What is a direct cost?

A direct cost is that price which can be attributed completely to the production of some specific goods or services. This cost is a type of variable cost when it becomes inconsistent and often changes its amounts.  Apart from the direct cost, there is also a cost that is known as an indirect cost. This cost is difficult to assign for a specific product.

This type of cost is like depreciation cost or administrative expenses. Manufacturing cost, commissions,etc. are considered as a direct cost. It may also be related to the labor, fuel or power consumption. Their direct costing on sponsored projects homework answers help is exclusively for commerce students and costing and chartered accountant students.

What is sponsored projects:

It is the externally funded activity of the University where a formal written agreement is done between the University and the sponsor. This agreement may be a contract or a grant or may be some co-operative agreement. This sponsored project is a kind of thought of transaction where there will be a special statement of any work with a reciprocal transfer of values. When a student faces any problem in direct costing on sponsored projects homework, answers help services are the best solution for any kind of assignment help.

Examples of direct costing:

For a better understanding of direct costing a student should know the example of this kind of cost. The best examples related to the direct costing are-

  • Purchase of equipment: Investment on equipment is a kind of direct costing.
  • Pricing on any product and services: This is used to calculate the break-even prices in any business.
  • Analysis of profit: The offsetting of customer’s purchase- directs costs of the company helps to determine the customers who are the most profitable.
  • Budgeting: It is a budgetary system that calculates the variable cost and the sales volume which is achieved

Advantages of direct costing:

The direct costing has the multiple advantages. First of all this cost minimizes the principle problem relating to absorption cost. However, the main advantages of the direct cost are—

  • Operating planning:

The master budget plan covers the main aspects of any future operation that is designed to establish any profit goal. Direct costing help in composition of profit-planning data that is developed by the cost departments.

  • Cost volume of profit analysis:

This is used by the management to operate day-to-day activities of the manufacturing unit. The direct costing help in calculating the volume of profit of the company.

  • Management Decisions:

The direct costing system separates the fixed cost and the variable cost. The direct costing helps the management to understand the effect of profits and will help to take better decision.

  • Product Pricing:

Direct costing also helps the managements to determine the product price. This product price will help to calculate the profit within a given year.

Disadvantages of the direct costing:

Though the direct costing is considered as a great tool in many aspects, it also has some limitations. The main problem is that the direct costing method uses the direct variable costs but not consider the total cost and overheads. The direct cost method is very useful in short-term rather in the long-run. The direct costing method is not also used in the following cases:-

  • Long term price:

Direct costing does not consider any long-term prices. But this is very important for any concern to consider the long-term price or the profit.

  • Capacity calculation:

When any concern wants to set up any large production unit, it must consider the overheads. But the direct costing considers only the direct labor costs. Direct Costing only allocates direct labor costs with the result that the whole capacity is not at all passed on the price per service or items.

  • Step costs:

Direct costing considers only the direct costs. But when the larger productions occur, it is not covered by cost accounting from the direct costing systems.

  • Stock valuation:

This direct costing is not used for Stock Valuation. So, the GAAP or the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles do not allow direct costing system.

To know the better about the direct costing and its advantages and disadvantages the direct costing on sponsored projects homework answers give the students a clear-cut picture in a very simple way.

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The main reason that makes a direct costing on sponsored projects homework answers beneficial against assignments is:

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