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Be a Digital Student: Stay Organized with Myhomework Student Planner

by Apr 8, 2017Homework Help

Planning is a process which is very important to keep things systematically. It is very important to set a schedule for the students to keep them organized. Planning helps in keeping a clear view of development of a child. Homework plays a critical role in learning and teaching as well. It also gives an opportunity to the parents to be aware of the studies going on in class.

Purpose of Homework-

Let’s find out why homework is important for the students. There is some important reasons that why homework isbeing provided to the students. Some of the reasons are as follows-

  • Homework helps in strengthening academic skills.
  • It helps in recalling the concepts which havebeen taught in class.
  • It makes students carry out a research about the topic.
  • It develops time management.

Myhomework student planner can be said as a digital student planner which helps in keeping students updated and aware of their homework. The following advantages of this digital planner can be statedas-

  • To track the classes, homework, assignments and exams
  • It will remind the students by setting reminders for homework
  • It shows beautiful calendars both monthly and weekly
  • It also supports every kind of schedule.
  • It provides many themes

Teacher’s role in designing homework-

Myhomework student planner also gives an opportunity to the teachers to keep records of the tasks and share them in class. There is a responsibility which falls on teacher’s side is they should design a homework which is meaningful, and students find it interesting. Teachers should provide guidance and suggestions to the students keeping in mind about the limited resources like internet access at home.

There is an important question which arises in everybody’s mind that how to decide the amount of homework given to students by the teachers as per their grade. The answer to this is it depends on the time which is to be spent on homework. We can say that the amount of homework depends upon the amount of time spent.

Teachers must provide some additional time for reading at home by keeping the amount of homework strictly according to the grade of students. Myhomework student planner integrates with teachers also. Teachers can share their due dates, files, links and important announcements.

Following tips can be followed by teachers

  • Teachers must provide a homework which is well designed and proved to be helpful and meaningful for the students.
  • Teachers should design the homework in such a way that parents get a chance to get them involved in child’s homework. Involvement of parents gives confidence to the students, and they start enjoying doing their homework.
  • Homework must be provided on a regular basis.
  • Homework must be checkedregularly, and feedback must be given to the parents.
  • Teachers must notice the students individually. Their progress, their problems, if they are ill, everything must be known by the teachers.

Parent’s responsibilities –It is parent’s role and responsibility to reinforce the importance of homework and encourage their children to complete it timely.They need to keep an eye on child’s growth and development. Myhomework student planner gives an opportunity to set rules for students to complete their homework in a systematic way.

With parent’s guidance, the task called homework becomes more routine and less burdensome. Parents must keep this in mind that they should guide their children but not provide them with the answers. It is important to give continuous assistance regarding the importance of homework but answering them can prove negative for the development of their child.

Parents can follow these simple tips which will definitely help them and their children-

  • Explain the importance of homework to your child. Express them that homework is important for a good education.
  • Make your child be a part of myhomework student planner. This digital planner will easily track all the details about the homework and keep them aware.
  • Make sure you are giving your child an atmosphere which is suitable for his/her studies. The place should be quite and well-lit to do homework.
  • Keep observing your child if he/she is getting frustrated. Suggest them a short break.
  • If you are noticing your child struggling for a particular assignment or homework, try to contact his/her teacher.
  • Always keep a check about your child’s performance in school. Communicate with teachers and try to gather information about your child’s growth and areas of concern.
  • Encourage students to do regular exercise to improve their memory. This will refresh their mood, and they will start taking things positively. Stress could be relieved as well.

There are some brain exercises which can be performed-

  • Recall things. It will benefit your brain like anything.
  • Do the task which challenges mind like mind games, solving math problems.
  • Eat nutrient food.
  • Get enough sleep.

We have discussed about the teacher’s and parent’s responsibility regarding homework, but the main character of the scene is student. Student’s role is significant here. Let’s find out what are the things a student must keep in mind regarding homework.

  • Student must keep a record of his/her homework assignments.
  • Student must clarify each and every doubt regarding the homework before doing it.
  • It is a responsibility of a student to complete their homework on time and submit it.
  • Take help from teachers if you are facing any difficulty.
  • Student must know the importance of homework.
  • There must be a schedule which is strictly followed by the students. Students can take a help of myhomework student planner.
  • There are online help services available for the students who can help by doing homework.
  • The habit of doing homework regularly is important and must be maintained. If student forgets their homework, myhomework student planner will remind him/her to complete homework. This enables to create a habit of completing homework.