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Arguments That Supports Why Students Shouldn’t Have Homework

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

There is huge debate that has been going on for years on why students shouldn’t have homework. It can be said that home task can be helpful sometimes, but over burdening students with it will surely not offer any fruitful results. To make students constructive, it is necessary for them to learn subject well and think of practical implementation of concept. This would further give them knowledge to handle things in better way and so score good marks in exam. There are various arguments that would support the concept of homework while others don’t. Some of the arguments against homework are:

  • No chance of getting help from teachers:

in case you need to manage work at home, then there is hardly any possibility of getting assistance from teachers whenever you get stuck with the subject. Therefore, it turns out to be useless to do work at home when you lack knowledge on particular subject. It is easier to learn about anything from experts and expect to receive proper assistance.

  • Independent thinking through homework:

There is a chance that students may appoint some other people to do their work, but some students will take the labor of doing home task all their own. Students who struggle with their work, supports the view that it encourages independent thinking. It is pointless to think that without assistance from experts it is impossible to perform own research work. Homework offers students to polish their critical thinking skills.

  • Students can pay other writers:

There are some studentswho would prefer to pay some writers and get their work down. Therefore, it can be apt reasons why students shouldn’t have homework. Doing work by paying the writers may cost you well, and at the same time there is no chance of getting acquainted with topic.

Reasons why students shouldn’t have homework

It is difficult to come up with conclusive answers on whether students should have homework on not. Students can rarely gain any benefit from doing work at home. Everyone is distinctive in nature and come up with different ideas, but for that it is really not necessary to give students with homework. It is vital to improve learning process which ensures complete knowledge on subject. There are top three reasons why homework needs to be banned:

  1. Gets enough time to spend with family:

Over the past few decades, it has been observed that family life has changed widely. Parents hardly find time to spend with their children, and due to homework pressure children also fail to give quality time. Parents need to value time and give proper attention to children. Some families even need to deal with varied deployments and so it is needed for parents to give time to their children as well.

  1. Children have little time:

In the past, it was found that children would come from school and then spend their time in playground. But, now the scenario has completely changes and they are assigned with huge amount of home task that needs to be completed within stipulated time. It is one of the essential reasons why students shouldn’t have homework. Though parents are helpful to kids which help them go to bed early, but find little time to spend on reading their text. It is found that homework is the last thing that every child would like to do!

  1. Teens are also busy:

Teenagers are also involved in different school activities such as debate, drama, dance etc. some of the teens are even indulged into sports and so it becomes difficult for them to find time and do homework. Rather they believe that it would be best to invest the time on reading texts and having a thorough knowledge on varied concepts related to subject.

No academic achievements ensured!

There are some who would argue that through homework it is impossible to promote any academic achievements, while other feels that it is the best way to learn subject well. But, at the end it is necessary to define homework. But, you need to know How to do your economics homework properly? Get few ideas from other article that can support idea.

What do you mean by homework? It is a supplement where you need to do work at home that is taught in classrooms on same day. Why it is so important? You need to do it as it reinforces information, skills and different concepts. Though, the arguments say that homework can be important in three different ways. It fulfills the purpose of:

  • Preparing for next lessons
  • Understanding different concepts while adding various information
  • Adopting new skills

Why students shouldn’t have homework? This keep child really busy and they hardly find any time socializing. Homework is known to be beneficial as it stimulates the brain. Therefore, schools and colleges should make sure not to give enough homework that would incur highest amount of time. Children need to sit down at home and work on their assignments that need proper explanation on subject.

  • Homework creates a rift between children and parent:

Due to immense stress, there are many parents who are found to be short tempered and this assignment can cause a conflict between children and parents. Therefore, it is said why students shouldn’t have homework. Whenever adults pressurize their kids to do homework and resists, there is a chance of getting into arguments which create a mess and damage relationships.

  • No chance of learning from assignments:

It is said that assignments do no good to students. Students can take help from elders and manage their work while the main objective is to analyze mistakes and understand concept well. Teachers rarely give the work immediately after getting proper grade.

Why students shouldn’t have homework is a debatable question. Every child experiences a different situation and this needs to be kept in mind. The best way to learn different subject is to give complete focus on different topics and do proper research on it which would help to get different perspective. Homework should not be stressful; rather it should be designed in a manner that enables students to complete with 30 minutes.