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Are You Scared of the Huge Calculations? It Is Time to Understand Mathematical Concepts!

by Aug 22, 2016Mathematics

As my niece entered her room after a long day at school, I made a point to ask her as to how her classes were going. In reply, she almost had a sudden burst of emotions, wherein she stated, ‘’This subject maths! I hate it! I will hate it till the last day of my life!’’ I was surely taken aback! Disliking for maths is something that all students have to a certain extent. However, such utter disgust is not often noticed.
After a prolonged discussion with my niece on this topic, I actually decided to find out more in regards to the major problems that may arise in this subject, and how it is possible to deal with this in the best possible manner.
What are the major issues in regards to mathematics?
For very few children, mathematics is a subject that they enjoy! Though in comparison to many subjects, maths is quite easy and has a set path that has to be undertaken, however, most of the students are not much in favour of it. There are certain major issues that stop students from garnering further interest in that subject.

  • Students get scared:

The very name of mathematics scares the wit out of students. They tend to ignore various aspects of this subject on a large scale and make sure that those formulas or concepts do not get back to them. Thus, in short, they have complete negation for that subject, simply due to the scare associated with this subject.

  • Not understanding important calculations:

The very length of calculations scares the wit out of them! They simply tend to root their energies for other subjects in place of mathematical calculations. This on a short note tends to make them lose interest in that subject, and on a longer note brings complete detest towards it. hence, students need to be made aware of the fallacies of this subject rather than allowing them to ignore this on a general basis.

  • Not having clear concept of mathematical fundamentals:

This is another important issue that students face in their regular studies. They are not intimated with the basic concepts of maths; rather, try to cut it short by means of using formulas and other such concepts. This harms students on a great note, since; they tend to lose out on the issues associated with this subject and rather take on things for a superficial note. This causes a problem in general in future.
Thus, these are the major issues that students face on a regular basis that makes them lose out on the interest regarding this specific subject. So, it is time to take a stand, and understand mathematical concepts rather than getting fearful of long drawn calculations.
In this regard, certain concepts are to be followed that help in making sure that students get a better interest in regards to that particular subject and they can help themselves out from this mess.
Ways to understand mathematical concepts at a deeper level:
There are certain ways by which students can learn mathematical calculations without going through the difficulties associated with major calculations.

  • Taking maths concepts as foreign language:

Starting off with basics is the best way to reduce fear. In case of any new language, the initial starting happens with the phase of learning of new grammar, symbols and new properties. Quite similarly in mathematics as well, starting off with basic concepts is a major way to make sure that students can reduce their fear associated with the calculations. In this manner, students will be able to concentrate on knowing fundamentals of mathematics in a better manner, and in the similar manner can find out short cut tricks for a specific topic.

  • Understanding of formulas rather than rote learning:

Before any formula is framed, there are certain set aspects and conditions that help in framing of formulas. To avoid lengthy calculations, it is best that students understand how that formula is derived and on what it is based. This helps them make sure that they do not need to follow unnecessary steps to derive their answers; rather there are some easy means by understanding of a specific formula that helps reduction of calculations. Hence, it is best that students understand formulas rather than merely learn them.

  • Derivation of formulas:

This is another important aspect of mathematics that saves students huge calculations. When students are aware of the conditions against which their formula is derived from and where it leads to, naturally, it becomes comparatively easier for them to understand and make sure that rather than unnecessary calculations, they can rather concentrate on the final derivations of this formula. This on the whole will help students in understanding mathematical fundamentals and solve questions in an easier manner rather than placing values against formulas.

  • Application of different steps:

A single sum can be done in a number of methods. Some are the usual long methods that are generally applied for solving these queries. While others are short tricks that help in reducing the calculations associated with a specific sum and thereby reduce associated fear of mathematics. Most of the students, who detest this subject, are fearful of the calculations. However, if students understand the basis against which certain formulas are framed, concepts and fundamentals associated with that specific chapter, and then naturally the problems of this subject will reduce considerably.

  • Maintain a chart of formulas and concepts:

This is a must! To avoid lengthy calculations, it is imperative that students maintain a chart regarding how a specific formula is formed, and against which the calculations can be placed. This helps in reducing the useless dragging of a specific sum, and reduces calculations increasing the basic understanding of fundamentals. Thus, as a student, it is imperative that such formulas and basics are placed against in a chart format and students take help from that in the best manner.
As an elder sister, these are certain suggestions, I can simply put through, having an idea of the plight of most of the students like my niece. It is best that these tips are taken into consideration and followed to a great extent.
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