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Are Live Demonstrations and Illustrations Are Really Helpful for Doing Assignments?

by Dec 30, 2016Assignments

Doing assignment is a huge challenge to all students. It is a terror which chase the students throughout their students’ life. But it has a positive side too. Assignment helps students to explore their knowledge, enhance their skills and develop the challenge accepting power. For students, this is the best way to prove their ability and skills.

Good assignments help students to achieve good academics and grades. So they always try to do the best assignment to get the best result.

But doing the best assignment alone is not so easy.Students requires a lot of relevant information; they need to assemble the information in a proper manner and right sequence, express those in their own words innovatively so that their assignment should be different from other. Hence, students required assistance and help, live demonstration and illustration are truly helpful for doing a better assignment.

Where demonstrations and illustrations are required

Demonstration and illustration play a significant role in learning. In some cases, it becomes an integral part of education –

  • For kids’ education live demonstration and illustration areIt helps kids to understand their subject easily and to keep that in their memory for a long period because visual memory is the strongest memory.
  • In kindergarten, children get accustomed to numbers and alphabets through colourful blocks.
  • There learn constructive methods through solving puzzles, building blocks, etc.
  • In a bit higher levels, children are taught logicaldecision makingand progressive works, throughcomputer games for kids.
  • For learning mathematics live demonstration and illustration are Mathematics is such a subject, which in the initial level is blind without any aid of illustrations.

If mathematics is introduced to a student withoutany supportive visual ways, then the student will find no interest in the subject. They will never learn mathematics. So, if one wishes to learn maths, they mustfind proper illustrations along with it.

  • Primarily, children are first introduced to counting. If the child is engaged in calculating the number of leaves on a tree or clouds in the sky, then they will enjoy their learning a lot.
  • Next come arithmetic and its calculations.Giving real life situations arouse the interest in many. Make them learn calculations usingexamples like having seven apples and giving away two.
  • Studentsalso learn about numbers very well when they are shown a number line representation or a ladder representation. Addition and subtraction rules can be easily demonstrated using a number line.
  • Playing different games that involve calculations also help a lot. Involving yourself in playing games like finger calculator, cards, etc. helps them to grow your strengths in mathematical computations.
  • Applications of mathematics are highly interesting. Involving mathematics students in these applicationshelps them to learn the spirit ofmaths.
  • Teachers would always show the practical and physical applications of the subject as a reason behind everything thatis done in mathematics. In fact, there happens to be a subject by the name of Applied Mathematics itself.
  • Subjects like geography, environmental studies, etc. are those few subjects of arts stream, which requires illustrations and diagrams.

Those who have studied them will surely agree that they are much closer to science subjects regardingtheir basic thoughts.

  • In geography, maps and globes are indispensable. Globes are needed to show a bit realistic form of earth. It also helps in teaching about latitudes and longitudes, occurrences of day and night, season cycles, tides, etc.
  • Maps are required to point out the position of different places, cities, states, countries and continents in our planet. Playing games of map pointing is a useful method to know the map well. In fact, it provides a student with direct help in his or her map pointing assignments.
  • In subjects like environmental studies, diagrams play a vital role in many cases. To represent food chain, food pyramid and natural cycles, diagrams are very much needed.
  • It is very hard to remember the internal relationships and detailsif pictorialdescription was not used while talking of food chain and food webs.
  • The cyclic process by which water, different gases and other elementsare recycledin natureis beautifully trapped in the cyclic diagrams of nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, water cycle, etc.
  • These diagrams are so comprehensive that they are asked to be given along with your answers in your assignments and tests.
  • In science subjects, demonstrations and experiments are almost everythingbecause science is itself a practical subject.

If there was no illustration or application of science subjects, then it would have been the same, rather more difficult thanhardcore complex mathematics.

  • Experiment is an integral part of science. They are the basic demonstration of certain facts and laws of nature. Subjects like, Biology and Chemistry are hugely dependantson experiments.
  • It can be noted that often experiments are so important that new formulas, mechanisms and rules have been documented in theory after it was demonstrated for the first time in an experiment.
  • So, if you think that you will be taking up such a stream where science works are often assigned, then you should start learning the demonstrations and experiments from now.
  • Demonstrations make science extremely interesting. Even people, who do not know much science, feel awed when demonstrated an interesting science fact. Even, little kids enjoy them as if they are seeing a magic show.
  • But, that is exactly how they begin learning science at anearly If teachers or parents wish to introduce a child to science, then they must take up the way of live experiments and demonstration. It will help that child even when he or she grows up and solve science assignments.
  • There are certain parts of science, especially Physics where there exist no direct experiments to verify or demonstrate a theory. Such theoretical parts are similar to hardcore
  • Apparently, there may be no room for demonstration, butgenius human brains have found out similarities of such theories with many practical phenomena.
  • These phenomena are demonstrated as representative experiments of this hardcore It helps a lot in introducing the subject to common people and children without involving them in the high-level mathematics behind it.

From these above-mentionedfacts it must be clear to all readers that demonstration and illustrative ways play an extremely significant role in learning, which is the most important factor behind success in completing an assignment correctly.

So, if parents are wondering how to respond to the problems of your kids in doing homework, please opt for demonstrative learning.