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What do you understand by Anti-Predator Behaviour?

Animals face different problems in their surroundings and some times they behave in a different manner in different ways. In case they need food they search everywhere, however they escape from the other animals that search them as prey. These two different behaviors are different. Anti-predator is the behavior of animal through which they protect them from their surroundings.

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What are the things that explain about avoiding detection of animals?

These are –

  • Staying out of sight – In this the prey animals desire to stay somewhere so that hunter or the killer animals cannot find them.
  • Camouflage – This is the way through which the animals change its color to get mixed with its surroundings.

Now, you must know about the different ways of hiding or different animals who have camouflage characteristics. You assignment can give you the proper knowledge of this when you go through various questions. So, Anti-Predator Behaviour assignment help is the best in all.

What are the different terms that a student must know?

Different behavior of animals when they show their anti predator behavior as follows-

  • Pursuit-deterrent signals
  • Playing dead
  • Startling the predator
  • Mimicry and aposematism
  • Defensive structures
  • Distraction
  • Dilution effect
  • Selfish herd
  • Alarm calls
  • Improved vigilance

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