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All You Nee To Know About Financial Management Case Study with Solution

by Jun 13, 2018Cases Studies

Browsing the internet financial management case study with solution? Do not worry; the blog will help you to draw a detailed knowledge of such case study along with the solution to it.
Are case studies really important to enhance your knowledge in financial management? Well going through the article you will come across four such studies and along with it; you will also discussed with the solution so that you can interpret it better.
Case 1
A distribution company that is growing at a fast rate is facing issues to survive just because of financial problem
Undercapitalisation led the client to suffer from cash flows which also resulted in financial management expertise. According to my opinion, the main reason why the client is struggling with the cash flow issue in financial management case study with solution is just that he has accumulated great loss.
Liquidity can also be considered to be a major concern for this problem and is also responsible for threatining the value of the company in the near future. It is good to see that the company has grown rapidly but due to poor working capital as well as lacked process, it became difficult for the company to fund the success.
The only way that could help the client to bring back his company from the shadow was to seek the help of experienced financial advisor. Also, for financial recruiting is also the reason why company has gone down to such a level.
Rankin McKenzie was the one who was brought to clean up the finances of the financial management case study with Solution Company and help them to search a better bridge capital. The client was assisted by establishing a new relationship in banking and this has helped them to secure the loan. In order to fund short-term business, short-term financing was also secured.
As a result, various goals were set to predict the growth of the company in near future as well for cash flow requirements. The client was pretty much benefited with the problem solve during that time.
Case 2
A startup in the field of technology was led by an inexperienced CEO and was required to raise notable equity capital
In order to fund the company and continue with the project, the client was required to raise equity fund for financial management case study with solution. If they could raise it then they could continue with their product development. As a result, the client could raise some fund from the local angel investors but in order to fund more it was required to get the attention of sophisticated investors who would invest more.
The first time ever the Chief Executive Officer of the financial management case study with Solution Company has taken the initiative to open a start up that is ventured backed. However, he required well-judged business counsel in order to get rid of the typical issue of his new company.
So, the daily bookkeeping of the client was done by an assistant who has a small experience in the field of accounting.  So, the records that were taken were not complete as well as they were not accurate. So, this has led the CEO to be worried as such records will not help him to get through the huge due diligence that was conducted by the institutional investors.
So, what do you think? Obviously according to me, to manage account proficiently I think an experienced CEO was required that would probably erode such financial issues to great extent for financial management case study with solution.
The recommendation from the client-attorney has helped the CEO to be assisted by a top-level accountant who helped him in raising the equity fund as he is to operate the function of the accounting of the company.
In order to fulfill the need of the clients he took the help of team approach. The team now has a CFO, however it is part-time. The CFO has basic extensive as well as capital fundraising experience. He is also a part-time controller and is expert in the field of Quick books.
Thus, systematic strategies have helped the CEO to collect $7 million in the capital of equity. The CFO was responsible during the time of numerous growth opportunities.
Case 3
In need of an expert in the field of accounting for e-commerce
The sales of the company began to grown very fast and in order to reconcile the sales, they need a concise mechanism.
A part-time controller provided by Robert McKenzie that would help the company for better tracking on sale on a monthly basis. Moreover different types of financial reports for better management with tools required to help in running the business comfortably.
Case 4
Biotech startup to raise the capital
In order to complete the basic step of animal studies the client required to raise its initial institutional round. In an early feedback of investors it was noticed that all such protection were not realistic and was not acceptable.
The presentation required in the fleid of finance was required to demonstrate completely the capital usage as well as well as the capital of requiemts for additional requirements.  This is to be done upon the successful completion of the study in the animal field.
So, it is obvious that the bio start company began to detoriate because the client does not have the experience of taking financial presentation does not have many resources to appoint a fulltime CFO.
Again the client seeks the help of Robert McKenzie who met the co-founders in order to review better business plan. After the meeting held a five-year financial model was developed which depicted cash flows that are required to meet the business demands. Several investigations were carried out after reviewing it and later two investors came forward to negotiate a term with the client.
Later partner of Rankin helped the clean by assuring that the financial statement is completely accurate and understandable of financial management case study with solution. The client was impressed by the results of financial management case study with solution.