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9 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated While Dealing with Computer Science Homework

by Sep 13, 2016Computer Science

It is possible to suffer from a lack of motivation to carry out computer science homework, or any assignment in general. No matter how hard one wants to focus, loss of concentration seems to be inevitable. A number of productivity techniques, such as finding books in the stores, taking deep breaths and having a short break, might not be effective. It is in such cases that these 9 tips can allow one to stay motivated and handle computer science homework easily and quickly.

  1. Getting enough rest

Student life is never easy, but it is also the time to network with friends and enhance the social circle as much as possible.Long nocturnal hours of social networking, workouts, pastimes and other activities can steal precious hours of sleep. Many students are especially neglectful when it comes to a proper diet and sleep schedule. These can actually hamper productivity. Even those who hate cooking can learn to cook a few healthy dishes and opt for healthy foods such as fruits.At least 8 hours of sleep and 8 glasses of water are necessary to run the system. Sleep improves concentration and repairs damages of the daytime. A healthy body itself motivates people to work more, and better!

  1. Using the most productive hours

Everyone is different and each person has individual peak times of the day when they have better focus and the ability to work better than other times. Once the most productive hours with coursework are found out, an individual can change his schedule to work on his homework in those hours when he can focus better and much easier. Trying to focus on homework after a day in the class can be very tiring. Planning a schedule a bit can allow easier concentration and better work.

  1. Finding the burnout level

Every individual has a potential burnout level, or a point at which he or she gets exhausted. It is important to find out how much time you can stay on studies without getting burned out. Finding hours which fit homework schedule better, getting enough time to socialize, taking frequent breaks can be effective. These activities can change this type of situation and help students to prevent burnout. Study hours can also be reduced, and students should know when they should really call it a day.

  1. Using online time tracker apps

Even active students can lose focus when they have to deal with boring homework. Online time tracker apps can allow students to set their own schedules and give themselves short bursts of time of around 30 minutes to work through. Once a task is finished, a small break can be taken before setting another timer. Most of these have user-friendly functionality and can be regulated from a single dashboard.
Online apps are used by analysts, people working from home and even office workers, to step up productivity. There is little awkwardto admit that procrastination is possible, and it is more sensible to take steps to prevent the same.

  1. Making the task simpler

A complicated homework assignment is very taxing for the brain. It makes students de-motivated and they wish to procrastinate and escape from it. It is a good idea to make the project simpler with the help of:

  • Pictures
  • Charts
  • Equations
  • Summaries
  • Headings
  • Footnotes

This can make the perspectives and ideas clearer to you and your teacher as well. The simpler the task gets, the easier it will be for anyone to understand. Students can get motivated to finish the task as quickly as possible and easily minimize the risks of procrastination. Moreover, it helps in acquiring good grades in exams.

  1. Setting rewards and goals

Setting some goals or rewards for the completion of the homework on time can make students look forward to finishing it fast. The rewards can be:

  • Plans to watch a new movie
  • Reading a special book
  • Social networking like Facebook, Twitter for a long time
  • Working on a new craft project etc.

It can be better to schedule homework before a vacation or holiday, which can work as an excellent motivator. Sitting with the project on a Thursday can be good, as the mind knows that the weekend is near and the completion of the assignment means moving closer to the weekend. As soon as the homework is finished, life can be changed to enjoy to its fullest.

  1. Distracting the mind

Although not everyone is able to study while listening to music, there are some types of music which can ensure there are no distractions but refreshment of mind. Instrumental songs or softclassical music can quite be helpful. If those are not up the alley, one can simply choose melody tracks which do not distract but help to cut boredom at the same time.

  1. Finding a calmer place for studying

In many homes, having the study place in a noisy spot – close to the door, the living room, the TV or a pet, can be the perfect recipe for distraction and procrastination. Other than moving to a physically calmer place, other distractions should also be done away with. This involves willpower to block for the time being things like:

  • Chat programs
  • Social websites
  • Calls
  • Unrelated websites

A calmer atmosphere can help students focus more on the assignment and finish it as fast as possible. It is a good idea to switch off or silence the phones and other devices which could distract you. These things should be kept out of reach, and preferably out of the room, until the homework is finished.

  1. Finding a homework partner

With a homework partner, it can also be easier to get motivated about the assignment. This is similar to getting a gym buddy to get inspired about working out. However, the person should not be someone who distracts. He should be someone who is focused and quiet. This can help attend to the project comfortably, and having another person to assist in academic problems can be more relaxing. The only thing to make sure is to talk less and work more.