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8 Ways to Make Physics Interesting for Your Child

by Jun 1, 2017Physics

Physics is considered as the most difficult subject next to mathematics. However, it is a fascinating subject which helps us to understand the world around us. Some study habits can be changed to make physics fun and interesting. I am sharing 8 ways which will help you to make physics interesting for your child.

  1. Understand The Basics Of Physics

To make physics interesting the first thing which must be focused on is to master the basics. Without a strong foundation it is impossible to understand physics. Try to make your child understand the basics of physics by devoting much time to the complicated parts.

  1. Clear The Concept

Physics is full of concepts. Before understanding the application of law or any theory it is important to understand the consequences. If children will find the concept clear, then they will start enjoying the subject. Try to cover all the areas in physics, never leave an area unclear as this would prevent from understanding other concepts.

  1. Stop Studying To Clear Exams

Students generally sit and study because they have a fear of getting failed in their exams. Never study to clear the exams. Make your child understand each chapter. If you make them study physics before exam, they will take it as a burden.

For example, if you make your child study fluid dynamics, try to give them an example of motion of water in any simple situation at home.

  1. Get A Grip On Language Of Physics

Language of physics is Mathematics. A good grip in math will add to the understanding of physics. These two subjects are inter-connected. A good math student will automatically find physics interesting.

  1. Refer Different Books

Don’t limit your child to school text book and study material. Make them try other books in which the same term may be defined in a way that they find interesting. Books with more diagrams and practical examples must be preferred.

  1. Use Of Drawings

Drawings and graphics make study interesting. Try to give them an example using drawings. They will understand it in less time and enjoy studying. To illustrate a concept, drawings play an important role.

  1. Use Of Imagination

Imagination gives wings to the concept and theory of physics. Visualizing the concepts and theories will make it easier for your child. Visualization will stay in their minds for a longer time than bookish stuffs.

  1. Be A Part Of Online Forums

There are many online forums which provide knowledge of physics concepts. These forums connect students with one another and they can talk to each other online about the physics. Interactive study is something which makes study interesting and fun. Children can learn a lot of things by interacting with other students.

Making physics interactive can help in understanding it better for the students. Here, parents play an important role. Let’s see how parents can help in making physics interactive.

  • Interact with the school teachers about physics homework. Ask the teachers about your child’s performance and progress. The areas where your child needs special attention. Keep an eye on school requests and suggestions related to assignments and homework.
  • Fix specific time for research on new topics. Help your child to change his/her behavior, if needed. Ensure your availability while your child is studying to advice and supervise them.
  • Give response to your child’s performance in studies. Reward them if they complete their homework on time. Check their daily work and offer emotional support to your child.
  • Help your child to develop his/her thinking. Support their skills, strategies and encourage them.

Try to create questions in your child’s mind. When the questions related to daily life arise in their minds, they will search for answers. God made this nature the way we see it but we don’t know in what ways. Physics answers these questions that how nature’s rule run. Questions which comes into our minds are-

  • Why things fall down?
  • What happen if you try to get into a running bus?
  • Why light travels in a straight line?

There are many questions like these which arise. These questions can be answered by physics. A Physicist investigated and revealed that things fall because of gravity. We try to get on a running bus because of Inertia and so on. When your child get to know about the facts related to daily life, he/she will gain interest and try to find the answers.

Ask your child’s physics teacher to make studying physics more interactive. Advise them to-

  • Make sure that the physics homework designed in such a way which enables parent-child interactions.
  • To give examples related to daily life, this will increase child’s interest.
  • To give them a type of homework which help children to deal with the questions which arise in their minds.
  • To give them a practical task related to physics concept so that they learn to investigate and apply the concept.This will increase their interest in physics and direct them towards self-management.