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8 Interesting Facts Which Makes Your Physics Assignment Much More Exciting and Presentable

by Sep 21, 2016Physics

While many may consider physics to be a boring subject, it is quite fascinating indeed. But, due to the monotony of assignments and the classes the students have to attend, physics has earned the reputation of being dreary and scary. Completing an assignment thus becomes a monumental task which everyone wants to avoid for all the wrong reasons.
So, are you trying to coax yourself into writing an assignment on physics? So you have to submit the assignment soon enough and you are trying to write a stellar assignment/ are you failing to understand why you should study it at all?
Well, physics is crucial to understanding of the world we live in and what comprises of it. It gives you an idea about the universe and how it works, the laws governing it. You might be bored by now poring over your physics book, but once you get to know some marvellous facts, your interest will certainly be piqued at the end of it.
So, listed below are 8 such facts which are bound to make you a bit more interested in your physics assignment form next time.
8 interesting facts about physics

  1. Speed of light- not that fast!

Well, you might have heard that speed of light travels the fastest according to some laws in Physics; well it is not exactly true. Well, it is the fastest under an ideal condition, that is, while travelling through vacuum.  However, when it travels through some other medium or something, the speed of light is actually rather slow, even when compared to other things.
Like for example, when travelling through ultra-cooled rubidium, the speed of light is recorded at 38 miles per hour at 273°C.

  1. The interstellar effect: space travellers might be younger!

Well, this is because astronauts in the International Space Station are living at a much lower gravity compared to earth and is moving at an increased speed. As you know, the speed of time is affected by both velocity and gravity, thus, the astronauts experiences time slowly and ‘loses’ out on time at a rate of 1 second every 747 days.

  1. Theory of relativity is responsible for your GPS

GPS or satellite navigation system on your car or phone relies on geostationary satellites and communicates with each other through the transmission of radio waves. According to the theory of relativity, the laws of physics are same for all observers and in accordance with this, the clocks present inside the satellite is 38,000 nano seconds times faster than the ones on earth and thus, the data has to be re-calculated by the devices to adjust the timings and produce an accurate result.

  1. The universe is vast and we barely know it!

What we know as the universe barely even comprises of the 5% of the entire universe. There are a number of other solar systems, out there, and we can barely imagine about it. We might simply be tiny fleck of dust floating around in the vats universe and can barely be seen. Talk about being insignificant!

  1. You are a walking H-bomb! (not a compliment)

Well, according to the laws of thermodynamics, total amount of energy present inside will equal the amount of energy present outside. Also, it states that energy cannot be destroyed. So, in accordance to this law, whatever energy you consume in the form of foods, get transferred to your body cells. Well, your body stores around 7x 1018J. This energy is equal to the same power released by 30 hydrogen bombs! Mind-blowing isn’t it?

  1. The complexity of dark matter

Dark matter and dark energy is one of the most studied mysteries of the universe. Out of the entire universe, dark matter comprise of about 95% of it and 27% of the observable universe. It is its understanding which is crucial in cosmology but because it cannot be detected by the modern imaging technology, thus it still remains a complete mystery to be studied.

  1. Presence of multiverse

There’s a theory that there exists an infinite number of parallel universes in which there are different scenarios of your life being played out right now. Fascinating isn’t it? Like for example, in one universe you might be out travelling around the world, whereas in another you might be dead, because of an accident. The possibilities are endless!

  1. The ‘Big Crunch’

In accordance with ‘The Big Bang Theory’ there’s another theory called ‘The Big Crunch Theory’ which is extremely believable. This suggests that the universe will stop expanding and go into reverse and everything will perish when it does. However, time period for such an event cannot be calculated but one cannot ignore the simplicity and the plausibility of such a theory.
Make it presentable
Though you might be interested in the subject right now after reading these facts, however, you need to write your assignment in a proper manner. Many students simply write the assignments as if they are writing a draft which is a barely comprehendible.
So here are a few things which you need to keep it in mind when writing an assignment and in order to ensure that your assignment is in a presentable condition:

  • Crete a proper structure. This ensures that you write a structured assignment with relevant points and details which makes assignments more comprehendible.
  • Write well and in a good handwriting so that your teacher can read it without any problem.
  • Proofread and edit out any errors. Check units specifically when writing a physics assignment and check whether the final answer is written in the correct unit or not, as per the requirements of the question.
  • Draw any diagrams, if required properly, so that the person reading it can understand it.
  • Use paragraphs and bullets where required and adhere to any word count that is given.

Employ these things to better your presentation of your assignments. However, if you are still unsure about the subject or cannot understand the topic, then you can always seek help online. Online websites provide adequate material for you to refer to and even helps you to write and present an assignment in a better fashion.
So, go ahead, and start working on your physics assignment and acquire more such interesting facts about the workings of the universe you live in through it which will surely blow your mind!
‘The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.’