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7 Cool Steps to Complete Math Assignment within 30 Minutes

by Jun 1, 2017Assignments

“Practice makes a man perfect”, we all must have heard this famous saying. Mathematics is a subject which needs practice. Math assignments can the students to process the lessons covered in class and prepare for exams. To complete math assignment as quickly as possible, you will need to prepare a habit of organizing things, focusing once you sit to complete your assignment and asking for help when needed.

The steps which are followed by the students these days are-

  • They understand the problem
  • Make a plan
  • Implement the plan
  • Look back for the answer

I would not suggest this method of solving mathematic sums. Let’s find out 7 cool and easy steps which will definitely help you to complete your math assignment within 30 minutes.

  1. Getting Prepared

Make sure you have noted the assignment correctly. Before leaving school every day, you should check you bring everything you need at home to complete your assignment. For example, text book and important notes. You should be in possession of a sheet in which you have noted every important formulas and theorems to refer to it while doing assignment.

  1. Set Up Proper Study Place

Gather everything you need while doing your assignment and pick a place at home where you can sit and do your work. Try to find a solid surface like table and desk. Check the lights as well. Remember you need to be comfortable while doing assignment. Being comfortable does not mean to get into a bed or armchair.

  1. Keep All Distractions Away

If you want to complete your math assignment within 30 minutes then make sure you get yourself away from distractions like TV, phone, computer and tablet.

  1. Keep Yourself Motivated

Assignment is often stressful and solving math is frustrating after a time, so make sure you know what you are doing. Before you start doing your assignment, say one sentence in your mind that no matter what I will complete it. Tell yourself that you are capable. Keep reminding that you have to do this. This will help you to stay motivated while doing assignment.

  1. Read Each Problem Carefully

Before starting to work on your assignment you should read each problem carefully and set a plan in mind. This will help you to avoid careless errors. Specially while doing word problems make sure you know what to do and what you are doing.

  1. Do The Tricky Question Later

If you have 3-4 sums or problems to do, make sure you don’t waste your time on the one you are finding difficult. Skip the hard sum for some time and do the rest. You might get new ideas to solve the difficult one while solving the easy one. Attempt the difficult sum at the end.

  1. Immediately Ask For Help If You Need

If you need help from your elders orif someone is available at home to help you then ask for help. Don’t waste your time in thinking. After completion of your assignment, make sure you double check it. It will help you to detect the errors (if any).

These are 7 cool ideas to complete math assignment as quick as possible. Few things that you should keep in mind to get organized in completing school assignments are-

  • Keep your folder, bag, book shelf and study table clean and tidy. This will help you to find things easily which you need while doing assignments. You can save time by keeping your things organized and in place.

  • Choose a class mate who stays near your home and ask to do assignments together. While choosing a class mate be sure that you respect him/her for conscientiousness. It will help you to be focused and complete assignments quickly.

  • Keep water and light snacks near you. This way you won’t be tempted to go to kitchen.

  • Try to write the steps you have used while solving a sum in a scratch paper. This might take a little extra time but it is useful, trust me. Some teachers require you to do this. You should make it a habit. Showing work for a correct answer can save your time and while doing a same kind of sum, you can refer the work again.

  • Take a 5 minutes break and do some physical activities just to keep your mind fresh and keep yourself motivated.

  • Be open to learn new things; try to search online about the topic in which you have doubts. This will increase your interest.

  • Everyone’s brain work differently. Try to explain the complicated sums to your friends and practice sample problems in front of each other. They might guide you with some easier way to solve the same sum. Don’t depend on them but try to get help which is useful.

  • Write the important formulas and theorems in a sheet and chant it daily. Try to solve sums using those formulas. Only learning and knowing the formulas will not help you until you know the applications of them.

  • Make sure you have everything which you need for your assignment. Math assignments need pencils, compass, protector, textbook, scratch paper, calculator, graph paper and stuffs like these.

  • Consider getting a tutor. As I said earlier also, math is a subject which needs practice. Tutors are experienced and they can help you with exactly what you are struggling with. They can provide you with some tricks to solve math problems quickly. A one hour session daily can work wonder.

  • You can also take online help to solve your queries regarding math. Many websites provide free math assignment help. If you have a minor doubt, you can ask for online help 24*7. Online help providers have qualified professionals who can solve your problem quickly and accurately.

In addition to these cool ideas to complete math assignment, students should build deeper mathematics understanding and they should see mathematics as a discipline. These steps take little effort and no cost. By following these steps you can give yourself the best possible chance of a speedy completion to math assignment.

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