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6 Ways to Set Interesting Homework for Your Students

by Oct 2, 2016Assignment Help

Students face the same boring situation again and again with regular homework. We all know that there is not just one subject to deal with. So basically there will be lots of homework and assignments one after another. This matter is so excruciating for both students and teachers equally that new educational system is planning innovative methods to deal homework. It is not just fun but also very creative in nature.
But even with its goodness not all schools are siding with it and still retaining older system. It is not too late for you to get ahead and plan your own little homework schedule for students to get them involved with it more! You know above all that homework needs to be taken care of very carefully. Assignments and homework have direct linkage with their performance level and it also prepares them for upcoming examination. So it is upon you to manage some homework plan to help them get more enthusiasm and face vital challenges independently.
Make the words of E.O. Wilson the motto of your teachings, “You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high, behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give.”

  1. Encouraging to keep a word book:

This is something like keeping a diary and creating a dictionary. It is a very interesting process if you can encourage your student. The focus will be on words and vocabulary. Just like a dictionary they have to attach meaning. Although for this matter one has to read a lot of books or have to search online professional sites and not just text. But for young children it is okay to concentrate on minimum amount of words.
Show them the appropriate ways to build a word book and organize them in a way to help them when they need it. You can tell them to cut pictures from various sources and make it more fun to watch.

  1. Research their own papers:

If you can engage your students into researching their papers then it is more creative than older systematic homework planning. Provide an extended amount of information if your student is quite young and incapable of doing detailed research. If your student is an adult then tell them the subject head and let them be free on preparing complete assignment.
You can also show some authentic websites to take references in this matter like which methods are appropriate and how to plan beforehand. Those websites have customer support to help students.They help in understand the requirements. As this is completely a free-willed assignment, they can choose from various sources.

  1. Becoming a news reporter?

Everybody reads newspapers or just sit in front of television to watch the news. Either way they come in contact with information. Tell them to focus on one subject and prepare a homework plan for themselves. Tell them a detailed research and a complete report. There are politics, economics, science and many other genres to choose from. If they are losing tracks then deliver these facts to focus upon particularly:

  • Questionnaires focusing on the matter at hand.
  • What can go differently?
  • People concerned in this matter and how they are reacting? (If not directly then their indirect appearance also can be concentrated like being in a meeting or their comments concerning that matter in the past and so on.
  1. Television shows and their importance:

Not all of the shows and films are baseless, at least not when your focus is to prepare interesting homework for your student. Be ready to indulge in your student’s special shows or those they just love to watch. To begin this process you can ask them to name those shows they like most. There has to be a limit set, just in case those shows are not only unrealistic but also useless to focus on.
After the naming, time for assigning homework on the shows. You can always assign same show for two students. This way you can perceive their different ways of thinking. These are the points they will focus on:

  • One episode and its summary.
  • One or two character and their descriptions.
  • Why this show is different in their view?
  • What is the focus or purpose of this show?
  1. Writing essays on their favorite character:

This is a great technique to help increase both vocabularies, grammar and sentence construction of students. Tell them to focus on their favorite character. That can be a real life hero, a character from their favorite story book and also an anime character. Don’t stop them by judging their choices.
Let them be free, although your task can be tough as more multi-leveled those characters are the more research on your part. But you can do this for your students. This is a good way to teach how to write character description also.

  1. Formal letters through email writing:

We all know that formal letter writing is quite different than regular ways of writing. The focus on honorifics and a humble way of speaking is very tricky sometimes. How to pursuit without being direct and yet polite in a same sentence is just art in one word. This can be taught greatly with email writing. Design informative and creative homework plan by including email writing.
As you can see there is nothing too difficult in this homework plan. Not just easy but these are fun to try also. If you pay attention then it is clearly to know and let your students find out how to make your homework helpful to you. You can also involve your students to provide more creative homework plan for themselves. Tell them to write them down in papers and choose by lottery. But be careful to take a glance before including them in a lottery as they are not pointless. Tell students to believe in:
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little ‘extra’.”