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6 Ways to Make Your Business Plan Assignment More Attractive

by Sep 14, 2016Assignment Help

Trying to write a business plan? Are you not satisfied with the way you are presenting it? Are you clueless how to strategize and write ably? Clueless about how to write an assignment on it? Or are you worried that you won’t be able to achieve the proper grades that you want?
Well, business is an integral part of any management programme that you pursue and allows you to analyse the market and the risks along with various other thing associated with a certain project. This is done in order to attract more investors and make your business into a big brand.
However, writing a business plan is not that easy. Even if you do manage to write a business plan somehow, by using Top 6 advantages of doing business plan assignment, you might not get the proper grades because it lacks certain quality and fails to impress your professor. So how can you make it more attractive or change your writing to impress your teachers? What should you put emphasise on in order to achieve the grades that you want?
Well, the six elements stated below will certainly provide an insight into it and will allow you to better your assignment.
6 ways to enhance your business plan assignment

  • Emphasize on the proposition

When you are writing your business plan, as an assignment, you need emphasize on the proposition for the business plan that you are putting forward. Remember this is a drill for the outside world and in the real world, your business plan has to be crisp and short and direct.  In the proposition incite the audience by providing a proper summary which provides an insight into the business you are asking them to invest in.
In the proposition, you need to state your objectives very clearly. State what your short and log term goals are and how you plan to spend the money they invest in. also, provide any relevant details that might be required to convince an investor.
Therefore, the introduction of the business plan assignment should be objective, compelling and crisp.
‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’

  • Spell out the financial part

You have to include the details of your financial information when writing your mock business plan. This allows the investors to judge how you have fared in the past and what your projections will be in the long term. This also allows them to judge whether you would be a casualty or could they possibly benefit from your proposition.
When writing it, include the profits and losses over a period of at least three years. You also need to include your projections for the next five years and what you expect and how much of a brand image you have built over the last few years.
Include details such as cash flow, balance sheets and such other important information in the business plan for your assignment. Explain any missing link or anything abnormality found in it in a detailed manner.

  • Highlight the benefits

As important as the proposition are the benefits that which it has to offer. A business plan without the listed benefits that it has to offer will not attract much attention as investors are looking to benefit from a certain business. They need to be convinced that the business will reap much benefit for them and they will get back the money they invest, plus the interest. So list all the benefits for them.
However, do not forget to make the plan in accordance to the audience you would be pitching it to.

  • Display your market knowledge

When you are writing a business plan as your assignment for your management classes, you need to exhibit that you are aware of the current market situation. Without it, your business plan is no good. State your target consumer who you would be selling your products or ideas to.
Display your methods to entice them and discuss how you are going to do so. This not only displays your acumen for business but also the amount of research you have conducted for that market.
Along with the market research, it is important that you state and acknowledge the risk or problems that you might encounter. The analysis of such risks makes your assignment more attractive as you also state solutions in order to overcome such problems.

  • Make it professional

Your professors want to analyse how ready you are to handle and pitch a presentation and what better way to analyse that in a management programme than through a business plan?You need to write the business plan in a professional manner and use the write words. Remember a business plan is almost as if you are pitching your business to investors so you need to use the correct words to compel them.
So, use words like ‘invite’ and get rid of any jargons throughout the assignment. Illustrate with diagrams and charts if you have to in order to make it more attractive.

  • Be realistic

Be realistic in your business plan. Do not create a parallel world in which everything is idealistic. Your professors want to judge your acumen for business and risk analysis, not your creativity. Do not ignore any problems or issues that might be there in your business plan, instead acknowledge it.

  • Proofread: an exceptional way to get rid of unwanted information

The six elements stated above will make your assignment on business plan attractive and more business-like. However, in order to ensure that you do not degrade the quality of your assignment, it is essential that you proofread once you are done writing it.
Check for nay spelling or grammatical errors that you might have made while writing the assignment. Also check the details which you have provided and consider whether they are actually relevant or not. Get a third person to check it just to be sure.
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