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6 Structural Unemployment Subsections That Ace Students Include to Attain Top Grades

by Apr 4, 2018Homework Answers

Being in our academic life, haven’t we always wondered what the brilliant students write in their assignment or homework copy to get outstanding grades?
Do they have any magic wand or special tutors or something that helps them complete their work with perfection? Well, as per what I know, the actual reason, in this case, revolves around correct arrangement of answers. If considering a specific topic like structural employment, you will be amazed how precise placement of structural unemployment homework answers can help your grades to increase.
So here are few of the important subsections of this topic in a well-organized manner that will no doubt impress your teacher and help you gain good grades.
Important structural unemployment homework answers arranged in a coordinated way

  • Explain the meaning of structural unemployment

When a mismatch initiates a fundamental shift in a country’s economy, it creates a situation where there is unavailability of jobs. This is a long lasting unemployment form that takes place because of certain superfluous aspects like government policy, competition, and involvement of technology.
Structural employment expresses a distressing fact that joblessness because of this factor can persist for more than 10 years. To address such scenario, the requirement is related to radicle change. The adverse result because of this can play an important role in the natural unemployment rate, incorporating constancy even after the recession period is over.
This can simply mean one thing – a serious mismatch and lack of proper communicating platform cannot convey what the workers are capable of providing to the companies or what firms require.

  • Various reasons for such unemployment

When writing about structural unemployment homework answers, remember to highlight the different reasons for this type of unemployment. The causes are categorized into 2 perspectives. One is related from the larger prospect, and the other relates the viewpoint from an individual level.

  • The larger relativity highlights about the poorer conditions of elder workers who have worked with a specific set and have been removed from their jobs with the introduction of latest machinery.

Where industrial robots and mechanized working technique increases productivity, the number of higher-skilled workers sees a considerable drop. Again people with years of expertise were also made to resign from their respected jobs because of technological obsolescence.

  • Unwillingness to change their current place for the prospect of a job is another of the cause that does not help in reducing employment rate. Their inability to take proper decision also adds to this factor.

Coming to the reasons from the perspective of individuals, there are a number of reasons for structural unemployment.

  1. Difficulty in selling a property due to a sudden collapse in economy
  2. Introduction of globalization made many companies to shift their bases in different countries. This created a shift in the economy, leading the people to suffer because of unemployment.
  • Salary is also a considerable factor which initiates higher unemployment rate. In this case, the candidates refrain from taking up new jobs because of the offered salary. The amount in such scenarios is way less than the amount of work they are asked to perform.
  • Duration related to it

If you consider the entire duration related to structural unemployment, its expression states it to be a medium term. The resolution phase usually comes to the forefront after a year or 2. However, it is to be kept in mind that this period is based on assumption. There are certain situations regarding structural unemployment which took more than a couple of years to get resolved.
This showcases a contrasting perspective when compared to frictional unemployment’s adjustment period. Where the former comprises of few years, the latter is of few weeks.

  • The role of financial crisis behind this type of unemployment

If you take the help of a good homework help reference material to execute your structural unemployment homework answers, you will find that the year 2008 was significant for structural employment. A minimum of 8.3 million people lost their job in that particular year. This issue didn’t remain constant. The year 2009 saw another hike in the percentage of unemployed people. With waves of foreclosures, the suppression was mainly focused on the area of housing.
The age group that suffered a lot was between 55 and 64 whose unemployment period was nearly to a complete year. All of these factors played a significant part to increase the structural unemployment to 10.1%.

  • Examples to explain this concept

One of the best examples to highlight the issue of structural employment is via seasonal unemployment. Suppose there is a worker who does manual work in a certain agricultural land. As per his employment rules and regulation, his yearly working duration is 6 months. For the next 6 months, he is unemployed. So he takes up another job in that period.
Another of the examples is the utilization of upgraded technology that is efficient enough to do the work of a certain number of at less time and fewer expenses. This made companies to terminate more people for latest equipment.

  • Methods to fix this issue

There are 2 effective countermeasures for structural unemployment.

  1. The first one involves dissolution of geographical barriers which allows more people with required skill set to move in to other places and resolve issues of unemployment.
  2. The other one involves the association of State to identify the structural changes at the correct situation so that appropriate training program can be conducted. This approach is mainly towards enhancing the skills of labor force. In this case, a huge help from government can be in the form of concession rates or training fees as well as job placement facilitation.

I hope that this orderly pattern will help you write better structural unemployment homework answers in comparison to what you were writing before. In fact, you can also take assistance from selected professional homework help websites to know more about such expert methods to execute your homework and become an ace student yourself.