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6 Pearls of Wisdom about Weekly Homework Sheet 4th Grade

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Help

Who better than parents and teachers can understand child’s mental and personality development? And for a student studying in 4th grade, it becomes even more important to trace his growth and developmental milestones. It is considered to be the ideal age and learning done at this age can provide a strong base to their coming life. And to enhance and reinforce this learning, weekly homework sheet 4th grade plays a crucial role. It is the strongest weapon that teachers use in favor of the student.

Younger ones might not enjoy doing homework and even find it annoying and boring. But teachers continue giving it due to its immense pool of benefits. But sometimes homework might become repetitive focusing only on few of the subjects and neglect others (ask me! My child is the one constantly complaining).

In this case, weekly homework sheet4th grade can really help. A preplanned schedule of a whole week’s homework is released, in which homework related to all the subjects like math, science, reading, and a little field work are uniformly distributed. And this way of ahomework assignment to the younger ones beholds a lot of advantages and has been widely used since its commencement.

Weekly homework sheet 4th grade; a powerful tool to aggravate learning

As a parent, preparing these 4thgrades for homework is a much more challenging task than doing homework. The hardest is to take out time from our daily schedule to check their daily homework. Because daily homework varies and we do not know in advance that how much is assigned.

But no more worries in that area, because now weekly homework sheet4th grade will ease out your problem. As it will make it easier for you to decide your schedule in advance as the entire week’s homework schedule will be in your hand. Other advantages of this are,

  1. Develop mature learners

When the weekly schedule of homework is released in advance, it enables the student to make a weekly schedule and routine. He would draft his activities in away that a particular slot of time is dedicated to academic revision and homework completion. This time management will definitely make them mature as it would make them think about much more important things than simply playing.

On the other hand, in thecase of daily homework assigning, it becomes tough for a young student to schedule himself and he ends up not doing the homework or doing it in hastein order to finish soon.

  1. Develop lifelong learning skills

These weekly handouts prepare a student for the coming activities. This mental preparation helps him in doing it in a much better way. Apart from that, it slowly works in favor of developing a child’s interest in doing homework. Other learning that it helps in is:

  • Improves child’s memory, as the homework is decided smartly so as not to give too many days gap in one subject
  • a daily revision gives a better understanding of the concept
  • It helps the child to track his daily progress by assessing whether or not he is staying on the formulated schedule.

These important learning can help in million ways in coming life. Because these skills plus much more are not limited to any grade but are to be used for an entire life’s progress.

  1. Reduces the stress quotient

The major reason why students hate homework is that it gives rise to an undue series of stress and tension. But if you see it this way, that part of stress occurs because we are unaware of the coming obstacle AKA homework. But if the whole schedule is in your hand, the anxiety of unknown will diminish. Plus it would be much more feasible for you to plan yourself depending on what kind of homework is given.

  1. Increases curiosity and develops a study habit

A continuous study schedule is a great exercise for thebrain and works wonders in making students curious. And as we all know curiosity is the mother of all innovations.These curious kids will learn even more gradually to seek answers to their questions, thus learning reinforced.

As opposed to daily assigning of homework, it is much better. Because, in that case, teachers do not reallykeep track of how much homework is given daily, and they end up giving too less or too much at different occasions. But theweekly assignment is made with utmost care and helps in generating a good study habit amongst students due to theuniformity of content.

  1. Teaches responsibility and independence

Once it becomes a habit, 4th graders soon start to take it as a responsibility. They feel responsible towards their own schoolwork and parents no more have to nag them or bribe them for doing so.

This responsible attitude automatically gives rise to independence. The child will learn to do his work without an adults support as he would have developed an understanding of the content. Because when we have the plan ready in our hands, following it just requires dedication, rest all is self-generated.

  1. Improves parent-child relationship

Sometimes, parents get too busy and undermine the fact that their kid needs them. And this weekly homework sheet 4th grade can behave as a great tool in binding them. It lets not just the child but also the parent to formulate their schedule as per the weekly homework plan.

And both, the parent and child can sit together for that period of time and explore the content together. The child would feel loved and secure, thus better learning. And the parent would understand their child’s problems and development much more clearly.

How to make effective work schedule?

Well, now that you are well-aware about the advantages of preplanned homework assignment, let us now focus our attention on how can we make our study planning better or help our kids in doing so,

  • The very first step is to have clearly defined goals. The best way is to write down your daily schedule accommodating homework wisely in it.
  • Next is to brainstorm on the tasks that you have to complete. Take a minute of few to first decide how you are going to do a particular task and then take the action
  • As the homework progresses, continuously keep assessing yourself to determine whether you are on a correct track or not.
  • And finally, review everything that you have done. This last revision helps in providing a top notch quality to work plus in thecase of 4thgraders; it will help in giving an extra edge to their understanding.


Now, that you have understood that how beneficial it is to have a weekly homework sheet 4thgrade, you can suggest it to others. Infact, you can apply this method of doing work for yourself too as it can be applied in various areas of life and is not limited to thejust school environment. A little planning never hurts anyone. So gear up and make your work better and effective to impress others.