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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Dissertation

by Jan 30, 2019Writing

The competition is making a tough day on day for students. It becomes difficult for a student to cope with the growing rat race.

Dissertation writing is one of the important documents those who pursue an academic degree or want to hold a professional qualification. Needless to state, this kind of assignment writing involves a lot of research and findings.Β  Why do you think students often look for dissertation writing assistance!

The question is- why do students look for dissertation writing assistance?

The answer to that is simple. There involves a lot of complexity in the research work. The thesis writing varies from county to country, universities and varied programs.

Dissertation writing often requires specific styling, structuring, and formatting. Students tend to go wrong in regards to presenting the dissertation. The need for dissertation writing assistance does arise.

But the following is an eye-opener for you who are looking at dissertation writing assistance. Try avoiding the mistakes and excel otherwise-

  • Wrong selection of the dissertation committee

Before you begin with the dissertation, you must select a committee who is going to be your backbone throughout your dissertation writing. Students tend to the other way round. Once they complete their dissertation they then catch hold of members who could review their dissertation.

Well, this does not happen.

You must follow the protocol.

The committee members must be doctors in their respective field of expertise. Also one of the members must be a professor from a college but not from the same department that of the student.

  • Not doing enough research

Dissertation writing essentially means you are writing a content that is based on your research study. Thus, before you head to start writing your dissertation, you can do a preliminary search to see whether you have got enough amount of information or not. You can search on the web too with appropriate keywords. The same can be done in the library looking out in the encyclopedias, periodical databases, a catalog of books etc. Ask for dissertation writing assistance from your committee if the need be. They are the right people to guide you in this regard.

  • Stop taking the matter from the web

The present generation is blessed with the internet, where on a single click all the answers are catered to you. There is no denying that it helps students to gear up towards their dissertation. But instead of beinga help, it backfires. Want to know how?

Well, you see much of the matter on the web is not authentic. You do not know the source. You are not aware who has written it and who has authenticated it.

It becomes difficult hence to understand what is right from wrong. There have been instances where students have fallen prey of the matter from the internet and are caught on plagiarism and rubbish content.

Instead, if you hire online dissertation writing assistance experts they guide you in the proper direction. So the idea is to take help from the web but from the right source.

  • Always outline the dissertation

The chances of your dissertation going wrong are because the structuring of the dissertation is not drafted well. This happens when you haven’t planned the dissertation. For this, you need to outline it well. You will need –

  1. A practical list of what to do
  2. A list of what you want to say

You can ask questions like-

  1. What is the importance of doing this research?
  2. How is it going to benefit the reader?
  3. From where can I get the maximum content?
  4. When was the last research done on a similar topic? Etc.

Next in store will be how you are going to present it. Are you going to present in the statistical format? If yes, how are you going to perform the survey? Are you going to analyze and then write the findings? All this and much more must be put forth.

Then in line will be facing the counter-arguments, the kind of findings that you have got and so on. How are you going to develop the idea?

By doing such an outline, you will be able to jot down your dissertation without any dissertation writing assistance.

  • Be organized

What happens really is many a time students are not sure how to go ahead with the dissertation writing. They are not organized in their work which makes their work look cumbersome. But when you have kept your work organized there are little chances of your dissertation going wrong.

So here is a quick glimpse of what you must do, and take a print out of this. You can then put a tick mark against the work done-

  • Always keep the overview of your work in front of you.
  • Always mark the progress of your work. This could mean, whether you finished with the survey part, or research part, or introduction etc.
  • Did you carry out the initial investigations required?
  • Did you go through the previous dissertations on similar topics?
  • Is your research question/proposal ready?
  • Did your committee members approve of your research topic?
  • Have you decided whether your dissertation is going to be empirical or non-empirical?
  • Have you chosen the right research methodology?
  • Have you done enough research on the different research methodologies?
  • Always proofread before submission

The mistake that many of the students do is submitting the dissertation without reading it. You can ask your committee to do so for you too. Or take a break and then read it. Also try reading it backward so that you are done with the manual checking. Let your dissertation go through a grammar check and plagiarism check. The tools for these are easily available on the web.

If you still find it difficult to cope with the tough topics of the dissertation, you can reach My Homework Help. The team will provide all the dissertation writing assistance that can fetch you higher grades.