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5 Ways to Make Accounting Homework More Fun

by Apr 19, 2017Accounting

What takes the fun out of accounting?

Accounting taxes your brains because of the amount of computing involved. Also unlike other subjects, if you don’t understand a concept, you can’t move on. It’s a practical subject that requires application. Debit, credit, assets, liabilities, income, expenses, equity, what are these? What will you apply if you don’t understand the terms or how it’s calculated? You can’t vaguely understand them, either you know what they mean or you don’t.

All this brings about a feeling of being burdened and nothing about it seems fun. And when it’s not fun how you can enjoy doing your homework or studying the subject? Thankfully, there are ways to turn it around and make it seem more enjoyable and less of a burden.

Here are 5 ways to make accounting homework more fun:

  1. Great workspace

Psychologically, this makes a great difference. If the space looks comfortable and inviting, you’d automatically look forward to your homework; especially if it’s the dreaded one like accounting. So identify your space in the house- it shouldn’t be your bed.  A table where you can keep all the study material and also other things; ideally a pin/white board, where you can put up important stuff and also unrelated stuff that makes you feel happy.  It shouldn’t ideally be in a dingy corner. Do it up the way you want it to be so that it doesn’t just look like a workspace. It should not have things that could distract you though, but something like a DIY things-to-do board could just make you feel more at home. So take time out and do it up nicely. Make sure you don’t clutter it up with all the things you like; there should be space for stationery, your computer, etc. Remember a subject like accounts requires a lot of computing and sometimes you might prefer to practice by hand, so colorful pens, rulers, practice sheets, should all be in an accessible place.

  1. Find your stress relievers

Accounting can be extremely taxing (no pun intended!) simply because you have to pick your brain a lot. This can lead to you feeling burnt out. It immediately puts you off your homework and could put you off the subject too. A stress ball, some non-distracting music in the background, some basic neck exercise, could help release some of the stress. Music often helps to both concentrate and relax so you should identify that which soothes you.  If not, then find your stress reliever, which lets you do your work and help take off the steam.

  1. Take a break!

So important to do this. When it starts to get too much if you don’t take a break, you’ll end up doing a bad job with your assignment. Take a 5-10 minute break every hour. Munch on something, read or listen to something that has nothing to do with accounts or any other subject actually. Dance, jump, dunk ball, do any physical activity that helps you to re-energize and shake off that feeling of boredom and dread.

  1. Study buddy

This makes studying fun and interesting. Having a friend around means chilling in the breaks and actually enjoys the process of homework. You get to clarify each other’s doubts and well, misery loves company so share each other’s tales of woe! On a serious note, a friend could give you fresh, different perspective and help you smoothen out the sticky bits especially in subjects like accounting where computation plays a major role. You could also clarify a doubt you may have had in class but didn’t ask because you were afraid you wouldn’t sound intelligent.

It of course means you have to be more vigilant in your discipline because the flip side of having a study buddy is all play and no work. If you keep your chilling sessions and social media sessions in your breaks, ensure breaks aren’t for longer than 10 minutes, you’ll find you’ve got your work done at a surprising speed.

  1. Get help online

Fun as the above point sounds, sometimes our friends are as stuck as we are on certain topics or ideas. In these situations the best thing to do is to get help online. You’d ask how that fun is. Well here’s what online homework help offers that could make accounting interesting:

  • The guides use interactive boards and charts to explain a concept, automatically making it more interesting than trying to understand it by you. Since you’ve asked a specific question, you get detailed understanding of that bit, something you may not have gotten in class. So get your spreadsheet out and understand how a financial statement is really created. Also you can get any doubt clarified by these experts without have to worrying how intelligent you sound
  • They help out with all the difficult bits in your assignments, at any point in the day, any day. When your difficult parts are taken care of, you’d automatically start enjoying your accounting homework more
  • Not only do you actually learn accounts in more depth, your assignment gets completed with very little headache to you. They check the final copy; proofread it to ensure there are no errors, no plagiarized content and that a certain standard is maintained which means expect a good grade!

“Accounting homework can be fun and interesting if the approach to it is altered.”