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5 Hacks to Enhance Your Chemistry Memory before Your Exams

by Jan 26, 2019Chemistry

CuSCN + KIO3 + HCl === CuSO4 + KCl + HCN + ICI + H2O

So it is that time of the year when you are highly stressed as your chemistry examinations are nearing.

The above problem is one of the hardest redox equations. So is it an Acid or Base? If you were to solve this, you will have to rack your memory of oxidation where you had to understand the oxidation of Copper I to copper II. Besides, the oxidation of SCN to sulphate also had to be studied. Now the trap is Iodine which is -1 but when it comes with ICI it starts reacting as 1+. To put it across the reduction of iodate V to iodine.

To solve the above equation, you will have to keep the two oxidation equation coefficient as n (Cu) = n (SCN).

Phew… It wasn’t easy for you to solve this, that’s for sure. So how does one cope up when your examination is near and you are in desperate need for chemistry help? Read the following as we go ahead to help you in enhancing your memory.

  1. Keep your equations and formulae pasted on the front wall of your room-

Our memory is what we see, hear and say. The more you see, the more is the recall memory. It is best to write or type down your formulae or equation and paste it on the wall that you are most frequently to visit. As a result, what happens is while you enter your room or go out, you tend to see? There is a picture that is created in your mind. The next time you see the equation, the picture in your mind pops up.

Therefore, 3 CaCl2 + 2 Na3PO4 → Ca3 (PO4)2 + 6 NaCl

You will be able to remember now how Sodium chloride is produced when calcium chloride reacts with sodium phosphate

2.      Always read out loud

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to studying of Chemistry, there are piles of books to refer to. Human psychology gets exhausted at the thought that ‘oh no I will have to go through these many books!”  It is natural to feel so. But the hack to get out of boredom is to read out every word of the book aloud. By doing so you will be hearing your own words. The boredom is lost as your concentration is restricted. On the contrary, when you think of reading it on your mind, you feel sleepy. The concentration deviates. You don’t stay alert. Try this mechanism and you will not need any chemistry help ever.

3.      Take online chemistry expert help

This day getting chemistry expert help is easy. Even though you may be best at your work, you will need a little outside help when you are overloaded with assignments and tasks. All that you will have to do is log on to a reputed website that offers chemistry help. Mind it; do not fall for fraudulent companies!  These are the experts who know the various tricks and tips to follow for chemistry topics.  It is a great way to benefit from experts when you are loaded with chapters to learn and study.  Also if you have assignments to complete during this time, and you don’t have the time to do, it is people like us who help you complete the task on time.

Online experts help you in your studies too. As a result what you may follow the trick to study for Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties may not hold true for Thermodynamics. The advantage of seeking online help is that you can approach them anytime from anywhere. Subsequently, if you from the US or the UK, Australia, you can avail experts’ help accordingly to your time-table.

“I can get help at 2 am?”

Absolutely, this is the advantage you will get when you avail online chemistry expert help.

  1. Group study or teach somebody

In case you have time before the examination, try group study method or trying teaching somebody.  Many a time, when you sit to study or think of teaching others, in the process of explaining others, you are learning a lot. Suppose you are not clear with the chapter on the structure of an atom, you will take every pain to understand the chapter well.  Alternatively, you can take chemistry help from your seniors, professors, parents or even online help and get your concepts clear.

  1. Create a mind map

Mind map is the visual representation that will surround the central idea along with the subject and its subdivisions. You will be able to create a connection that will be easier for you to remember.

How does one do this?

Well, that’s easy to do. To create a mindmap, plan it out. Keep the central idea in between of our mindmap.

Let’s say we make a mindmap for types of chemical reactions-

Keep the kinds of chemical response as the central idea. Now branch out the various reactions such as the Combustion, Double displacement, Decomposition, Single displacement, Combination, Redox. This technique is called the adding branches to the map.

Now, you are good to create juices flowing to add additional information on each of the reaction. Add a suitable keyword for every explanation on the reaction. (After all, you don’t want to write the entire thesis on the type of reaction for each of the type!)

To keep the mind map interesting and striking, use color codes for each of the types of reaction. If you can, add images too for a terrific recall memory. You can also take chemistry expert help to complete your mindmap in case you get stuck.

All the best!

It‘s time to wrap but not before we leave you with the final piece of advice. There is no means to recall your memory unless you stay positive and confident. The moment you sink in your thoughts that are the time you deviate. Say, “I have the confidence in the equations, I have the confidence in the formulae, I have the confidence to outperform my past performance” and see the result. All the best until then we meet next!