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5 Effective Tips to Help Autistic Children Study Mathematics

by May 25, 2017Mathematics

If an individual was to conduct a survey on autistic children, he or she would certainly come across that fact that most of the autistic children are the same.

Hence, dealing with such children and understanding their needs and behavioral pattern can turn out to be an extremely difficult task. Hence, it is extremely important for teachers who teach autistic children to be extremely cooperative else he or she certainly won’t be able to suffice for the purpose for which he or she has been hired.

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5 effective tips to help autistic children study mathematics

Autistic children are indeed special. Each child carries with him or her certain characteristics that one won’t find anywhere else in the world. Each of these children must be given personalized attention so as to ensure that they can lead a happy life.

In addition to this, mathematics is a subject that needs a lot of concentration and understanding. In the even that an individual isn’t being able to concentrate and understand the subject, then things can turn out to be extremely bad. This problem is a lot more prominent as far as autistic children are concerned.

Hence a lot of special care is an absolute must. Listed below are some of the most effective tips that will definitely come in handy in the event that an individual is trying to help autistic children in learning mathematics:

  • Be prepared for communicational barriers:

In the event that an individual is looking forward to teaching autistic students mathematics, then he or she must be aware of the fact that he or she will be coming across various communicational barriers and challenges for which he or she must be prepared all the time.

In the event that the child cannot use AAC itself, then it is extremely important for the teacher to first teach him or her basic communication language and then think about teaching him or her mathematics, i.e. for such students, teaching mathematics shouldn’t be a priority.

In the event that a child is partially verbal or not verbal at all, it is important that he or she is given sufficient amount of time so as to ensure that he or she can communicate comfortably while learning a particular subject.

  • Appreciation:

A major thing that the teachers must try and do is appreciate these children for what they are. A proper appreciation is indeed a must in the event that a teacher wishes to get through to the heart of such a child. It ought to ensure that they are happy and in turn the spirit of teaching and learning ought to be a positive one.

These children are found to relish the time in which they get positive attention. The best part about this approach is that is ought to keep the students motivated.

  • Receptive Problems:

Another aspect that the teachers need to take into account is that these special children often face problems as far as their receptive skills are concerned. They tend to face a lot of difficulty as far as translating what they hear is concerned. This is something that is common to most autistics children. Hence, it is important for teachers to adopt new ways and means in order to put forth their views and ideas in front of the children.

One of the best ways to get through to them is to use visual effects and animations in order to explain the various ideas and concepts in front of them. This is perhaps one of the best ways by which teachers can deal with autistic children. Yes, a lot of hard work needs to be done by the teacher in order to find a suitable video or perhaps make a few visual effects.

  • Disinterest:

Another issue that such teachers often come across is that these special children show little or absolutely no interest in subject that doesn’t belong to their special interests. Hence, it is the task of the teacher to make the subject as interactive as possible so as to ensure that the students take a bit of interest in the subject.

Another thing about these children is that they certainly can’t pretend. If they don’t like a particular subject they certainly won’t bother pretending to show interest.

  • Be friendly:

As already mentioned above, these children are not very efficient as far as pretention is concerned. Hence, it is extremely important for the teachers to ensure that they have a positive impression in front of the students. If the approach taken by the teachers isn’t a friendly and a comforting one, it is for certain that these children can be extremely revolving unlike ordinary children who would just sit there and listen to the crap.

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