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10 Reasons in Support of Homework a Must Read

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

Homework is a necessary part of the study. You cannot avoid this; even you should not because homework enhances your knowledge. But, a lot of students, as well as parents, claim that their child gets loaded homework which must not be done. Just give an answer of simple question that child of standard 6 or standard 7 needs to revise his every day’s task to achieve a good score, but do they revise? No, however, if they get work for 2-3 hours every day, they will surely manage their homework and give everything in a proper way. So, it may sometimes happen that you have a lot of other tasks, parties in family, or you desire to take your kid for an evening walk, but it is very important that your child must have to up to date with his study.
 Now, know the 10 reasons that are very important for you to know as follow-

  • Homework enhances the exact time management – One of a perfect features of getting homework load is you will have a perfect time schedule for your homework. You can easily understand that how homework supports in an exact way of time management. A lot of people ask “does homework have a role in time-management?” The answer would be yes it has.

  • Homework makes you responsible– It is true that homework increases your responsibility. The exact way of doing homework every day means you are a responsible student. It means no matter that how much load of homework is there every day, if a responsible student gets his homework, and then he will surely complete it within a proper time.
  • Revision of the class work- This is very important for a student to revise his class work every day. But, do you think that for all students, it is possible? No, this is because all students are not of similar types. They always take care of their task when they get pressurized with a loaded work. Then they think of this pressure in their mind and work accordingly. Homework is a nice option that can easily revise the work or the lesson that you have taught in your class. So, if you complete every day the homework with great concentration, then it will not take a long time to learn each term and concept in a proper way.
  • It keeps you engage in study work – Just think once, that if you don’t have any homework, then what would you do? I don’t think that you will be much busy if you do not have any homework. So, homework is one of the exact ways through which a student gets engaged in his study.
  • Students will not get engaged with the distraction system– If a student does not have much homework, then he spends time by watching television, Video in youtube and spending times in smartphones and these all affect their mind to some extreme level. It will be very important for you to understand that all the point of distraction will not create improper situation and habit, if you take care of your homework serious. Parents also get that their children work their homework in a proper way.
  • Children will learn how to plan – This is very important for all and if anyone learns it from student level, then this will give a nice opportunity them to fulfill their future need and obviously the achievement. Children will learn how to take care of their other work also.
  • Help in self-regulation – They will start maintaining their time and they always keep updating themselves in each way of doing work. Self-regulation is very important for the student as well as all people who don’t take care of their responsibilities. Thus, if they are perfect in case they take up work and do it properly, then they will surely achieve their target on time.
  • Motivation – This is very important for students to motivate and to encourage their patience, ability and skill of improvement day by day. If a student do all the work provided by their school and it takes a long time to complete, then they motivate themselves. Moreover, parents and teachers should also encourage them after completion of the work properly. This will enhance their mind and they will work in a correct way.
  • Improves the ability of self-study – Self-study is very important to get a proper development in life. Homework always improves the ability of self-study and more than that it always learns how to complete homework without taking help of others. This will help for the high school student when they join college and they have to be dependent on their tutors or someone else.
  • Maintain privacy – They learn how to maintain privacy and they will not fear to take a decision. Privacy in the sense of getting responsible and mature. The responsibility of doing work means he has to do with great concentration. So, he must select a room or place where no one is there to disturb you. Now, it is very important for you to understand the fact of being a perfect person a lot of things need to be done by a person himself. It enhances a perfect nature in student of politeness.
  • Value of time – If homework is there then they can easily understand that what the value of time is. They will not waste their time in any unnecessary work. If you notice, then you will get that the students understand that spending time in other work means a complete loss. So, it is very important for them to have some homework on the regular basis.

Now, you can easily understand that why students should have some homework to do every day. If they do not take care of it properly then they will lose their ability as well as achievement. So, if you are a student who knows the value of homework, then it would be perfect for them to get rid of any problem. But, to do your homework quickly, you must concentrate on your class.