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So when the topic is World competitiveness reports, you might know about the growing competitiveness. Competitiveness is all that a company or a country can sell or supply the goods and services in the market compared to other similar company in that same market. Now this competition when takes place globally is referred to as global competitiveness. Our World Competitiveness reports assignment help will now explain about global competitiveness report.

Global competitiveness report:

Also abbreviated as GCR is an annual report by the world economic forum. The World Competitivenessreports the countries by global competitiveness index. This system of ranking started from the year 2004.

The World Competitiveness reports homework help also mentions the report contents. This reports primarily consists of the growth development index i.e. the microeconomic ranks and the macroeconomic aspects of business. By following this reports one can assess the country’s ability to supply prosperity to the citizens.

Now questions might arise that how the wealth of a country can be determined byfollowing the index? Right?

It is because it determines the availability of the resources and its utilization by the citizens. The more proper use of resources the more will be the prosperity of the countries. World competitiveness reports assignment help enlists the pillars of competitiveness among the countries. These are:

  1. Well-functioning public and private Institutions
  2. Appropriate infrastructure
  3. A static macroeconomic framework
  4. Good health and primary education
  5. Higher education
  6. Training and efficient labor markets
  7. Usefulproducts market
  8. Developed financial markets
  9. The ability to utilize the benefits of latest technologies
  10. Market size- domestic and international
  11. Production of more new and different products by using modern techniques
  12. Innovation of creative ideas

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Here is a list of top ranking countries for the students who want to know more about it. Below is the top 10 countries ranks (report based on 2015-2016 rankings):

  1. Switzerland (5.76)
  2. Singapore (5.68)
  3. United States (5.61)
  4. Germany (5.53)
  5. Netherlands (5.50)
  6. Japan (5.47)
  7. Hong Kong (5.46)
  8. Finland (5.45)
  9. Sweden (5.43)
  10. United Kingdom (5.43)

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