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The importance and scope of marketing for a business are undeniable. Ask any student studying in commerce field, they would know about it. However, if you a student who is new to the concept of marketing, you should definitely get what is marketing homework help from us. We will help you understand the concept better, meanwhile also help you with your homework or assignment on marketing. Our, myhomeworkhelp.com, subject matter experts will be assisting you.

What is marketing?

In a nutshell, marketing involves all the activities that a company performs associated with the buying or selling of a product or a service. It includes selling, delivering and even advertising products to people. People working the marketing department of a company are always trying to catch the attention of their target audience. They do so with the help of slogans, endorsements, packaging design and general media exposure.

Breaking down marketing

When you have an assignment on marketing, just a basic definition would not be helpful enough. This is why when you hire our what is marketing assignment help, you get detailed discussions to help you understand better.

In short, marketing is everything a company does for acquiring customers and maintaining a relationship with them. The ultimate goal is matching the products and services of a company to the people who want and need them. This ensures profitability for the business and fulfillment of needs for the consumers.

The four P’s of marketing

The four P’s of marketing is a very important aspect that is definitely included in the what is marketing homework help we provide. They are product, place, price, and promotion.

  • Product:

It refers to the items that are supposed to be sold by a business. When a product is being examined, the questions that should be asked include what product is being sold? What sets the product apart from its competitors? Is it possible to market the product with a secondary product? Are substitute products available in the market?

  • Price:

This refers to the money that a product may cost. While establishing price, the factors that need to be considered include cost price, cost unit, distribution expenses and marketing costs.

  • Place:

This refers to product distribution. Main considerations include whether the product will be sold online, through a physical store or through both the distribution channels.

  • Promotion:

It refers to integration marketing communications campaign. The activities involved in the promotion include personal selling, advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, guerilla marketing, and sponsorship.

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