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What Are the Mistakes We Do Often While Writing Essay?

by Sep 6, 2016Assignment Help

Do you get good score in essay writing? Sometimes, students do not care about it, but it is also a very important part of the study. Not only that, if you don’t do any mistake, you will be perfect in the near future to grab good scores in English. So, catch the right way of writing an essay.

  • Imagine the structure-

First step that you should take just after getting a topic is preparing its structure. It is very important that you should prepare a good structure of an essay and more than that you need to make small paragraphs. It gives a right focus to all readers on each paragraph. Moreover, you should decide the length of an essay. If the number of words is given, then it will be easier for you to make a perfect structure, but if it is not provided just assume the length according to the marks.  So, preparation or the imagination must be perfect.

  • Don’t deviate from the main topic

Whatever you are going to explain or whatever you think to write should not mismatch its main aim. No matter what fact you are adding to make it interesting or what ways you are selecting to create controversy to make it perfect, but your purpose of doing so must sustain the main topic. This is the fundamental step of an essay that gives an exact motivation to each reader.

  • Try to connect the whole essay

When you start writing your essay, the first line is very much important that basically gives an introduction. An essay is written to give good information or knowledge about the topic. Now, if you connect its first line with the next line and do it one after one, you will get its main motto clearly. It means don’t leave the motto from the beginning line to its end line and make it meaningful. In this way, you can easily make it interesting.

  • Passive voice-

Have you idea about an active voice and passive voice? If yes, then don’t use passive voice in any easy. Why? Its main motto will get deviate. Active voice is a simple sentence where action of a subject is there. But, when a sentence is in passive voice, it means the action on a subject is explained. So, in a clear way, you need to think about the subject or the main action of that subject.

  • You may add any event

If you want to make your essay more meaningful and perfect explanatory, add some events as one or two. But, always think about the main motto that your event explains. Be aware of that, and when you write events your complete story should have a proper meaning that can connect the main topic or the provided topic of the essay.

  • Conclusion of the resultant must motivate

Just while explaining a topic, you need to write a single line about the moral and connect it with your main topic of the essay. So, that your faculty or your teacher is unable to reduce any mark.

  • Grammar is essential

Always be aware about the grammatical part of the essay. If you construct a sentence in a wrong way, you will surely be unable to get good score. So, try to construct meaningful along with proper information. In the examination, be careful about the spellings in hurry, and you know that how wrong spelling can change the meaning of a sentence and your faculty will reduce your marks in that case.

  • Go through your assignments and homework

If essay is provided in your homework, you should write it in a proper way. It means always try to write your best. We often mistakes at several points while doing homework, but if you go through the whole essay, it will be good for you and make a habit of that.

  • Write only the facts –

Don’t make imaginary event if you don’t know the actual information about your main topic. Sometimes, you read any current event or any old story, at that time link up its outcome with its main topic. A number of students who don’t know an actual story or any such events, but they write anything, which should not be done.

  • Features –

Always point out the features or the characteristics about the main topic or the person who is involved as a prime character in the topic.

  • Don’t use there is, it is, it was and so

Often the use of it is, there is and some similar is not making the good sense of the sentence, but we often repeat these things. In place of “this is a case” you can use “a case is”. Jumbling of words must be avoided.

  • We often write digits in numbers

In hurry, you do this or many students do not know that if you have the digit that consist a single word, then you should not write in a number. But, if you have a number like 95 that consists two names as ninety and five, then it must be written as 95. Be aware of this.
All these are very common factors. If you really want some effective information and proper knowledge of English, then you must know some rules and if you follow the above factors properly, you will be able to get the knowledge of “How to write good essays quickly?” A true fact is none of the students take care of essay writing and practice it as it is an internal throughout of people, but if you read your written essay after knowing the rules and some common problems, then you will surely change your way of writing. Many students do not follow the basic tips while writing, but if they gather knowledge and information, they can improve their writing structure.