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Weighting is basically an average of numerical data with particular weight age on specific items. Nowadays it has become so much important because Inflation is a sudden rise in the value of goods and services due to some reason and a result the value of money decreases.

It also occurs due to products that are imported to the country, in such case importing will become expensive and a result we have to buy the goods and commodities with more value of money. With the weighting homework help, one can easily understand this phenomenon.

Reason Of Weighting – Inflation

Raw material has a high emphasis on the inflation, say if the price of oil increases then there will be a huge impact on the commodities that will further result in cost push inflation. Sometimes the government increases the taxes regarding VAT and excise duty; this will lead to the increment of consumer production index. The above description by weighting homework help will help you to understand the weighting section more easily.

What do you mean by weighting?

Now weighting is a term that is often required in business it is the measure of the average of a given set of data where the data points may affect the resulted average. Go through our website as myhomeworkhelp.com and all of your problems will easily be sorted out.

An Example Of Weighting

If a person invests his money in two type of stocks that are A and B. If he invests 60% of his money with fund A and the rest 40 % with capital B that gives a return of 5 and 15% respectively.The weighting is given by (0.60)(0.05)+(0.40)(0.15) which is 9%. Things may sometimes look critical when it comes to economics, but having weighting homework help service, will solve all of your microeconomic problems.

Consumer price index is also weight price index, the changes related to weight result in the changes of the household patterns. The price index for goods and commodities are given, and the weighting is multiplied by the price index to get for a particular year.

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