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Define salt in acid-base chemistry

While studying acid base chemistry, salt can be defined as an ionic compound which can finally result through neutralization reaction which may occur among base andacid. Salts are basically composed of cations which are actually positive charged ions and anions known to be negative ions. In case of unsolvable state, they turn out to be electrically neutral which signifies that they are without any net charge.

Water- salts and polyatomic ions assignment help will make you aware of the component ions that are present in salt and it is inorganic in nature such as chloride and organic acetate. There is also the availability of polyatomic ions which is defined as sulfate.

Naming salts in chemistry

Ions can be created of single atoms and basically we are aware of sodium and chloride which is defined as common table salt and can include the complex groups such as presence of carbonate in calcium carbonate. Most of the positive and negative charged ions can merge together to create solid compounds and they are usually known as salts.

To form an ion it is important to have a positive or negative charge. An ionic bond can have the positive and other the negative charge. Water- salts and polyatomic ions homework help delivers you knowledge that by sticking to each other, the separate charge imbalances get resolved.

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