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Warranties and Guarantees are the common terms used while selling any product or service. Thus from the business perspective these are very crucial terms to understand. If you have opted for subjects like business management, marketing, etc then you will definitely come across these terms. Often it is seen that students get confused in between these two things and if that is the same case with you then you must opt for Warranties and Guarantees Homework Help.

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What is the topic warranties and guarantees all about?

Nowadays you will see that most of the products and services come with a warranty or guaranty. It is a way of assuring the customer that his hard earned money will not go waste and in case of any problem with the product or service necessary steps will be taken for his welfare. The two terms warranty and guarantee are often confusing and most of the times you may think that these are similar. But there is a difference between them and when you will avail Warranties and Guarantees Homework Help then everything will become clear.

An insight on the topic

Warranties–warranty is the formal assurance that is given to the customer about the actual condition of the product and it is a kind of undertaking by the seller that if anything happens to the product during the warranty period or if any defect or improper functioning is found within the warranty period then it would be either repaired or replaced as the case may be.

Guarantees – guarantee is actually a commitment given by the seller regarding the quality of product or service. The main thing is that generally the warranty is always in written statement form and the guarantee is usually implied in form. Thus it is a promise by the seller that the product or service will meet the expectation standards otherwise initiatives will be taken for repairs, replacement or refund.

Thus warranty is an assurance for product only and it is usually in written form. Whereas guarantee is a complete commitment and can be related to product, service or persons and it can be either written or oral. Once you will opt for Warranties and Guarantees Assignment Help then everything will become crystal clear.

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