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The War of Attrition was fought from 1967 to 1970, between Israel on one side and Egypt and Jordan on the other.

The war lasted for six days, with Israel, winning and capturing the disputed area. For the three years mentioned, there were attacks, cease fires, diplomatic and economic withdrawals along with an increase in the unrest in the region.

Economics has a lot to do with this political and historical event as this war led to Jewish control on Suez Canal, which was a major source of revenue of Egypt and many other Arabic countries. This canal facilitated the passage of goods, and many ports helped in easing the economic complications associated.

The War of Attrition & Economics

Any war is bound to create an impact in the economical structure of the countries involved. In this case, no party was a sure shot beneficiary. Though Israel gained a significant control on the Suez Canal, it still did not have much muscle to flex as the regional players decided to avoid Israel completely.

The trade pacts signed before the war was of no use as such, as it became difficult to conduct business smoothly.

Estimations & Costs

This war was never included and counted in history, and hence neither the government of Israel nor the Egyptian forces actually assessed the repercussions. The only visible impact was an increase in defense expenses for both the parties.

This section is hence studied with a lot of assumptions.

The War of Attrition Assignment Help

The War of Attrition homework helphas become quite sought after because of the lack of immediate data. Central Asia plays an exhaustive role in world trade, and Economists all over the world are studying various patterns to know the big picture.

Since facts are not verified, this topic in Economics is still a struggle, and students read History with equal enthusiasm!

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