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What is Walter’s Model?
In accountancy, students are often expected to calculate stocks, dividends, share values, costs, growth rate and what not! Several theories and models have been proposed to help the commerce students, one out of many being the Walter’s model. It explains the relevancy of the dividend policy which in turn plays a big role in determining the value of the company shares. Walter model is based on rate of return and cost of capital where it says if the rate of return is less than the cost of capital then the shareholders of the company should be bestowed with profits from the dividends.

Common difficulties with Walter’s Model
Grasping any important financial model takes time and a steady pace. However, when it comes to applying theories in real time situations, consideration of several allied factors and assumptions is of utmost importance.  ‘How to apply’ takes a back seat while ‘where to apply’ becomes the key. Also in real time situations locating the rate of return and cost of capital is rather impossible. Considering only internal investments and not taking into account other external possible sources is unfair when it comes to determining future values based on them.

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