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What is vote buying?

Vote buying is a simpler concept in which the candidate buys the votes that a citizen is selling. Vote buying is a contract or an auction where the voters sell their votes to the higher bidder.  Vote buying exercise is generally not motivated in the normal market but in fact is an illicit business and carries different definitions for varying cultures.

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Vote buying is generally a non disclosure agreement which is not served publicly so that it is not really observed in the market schemes and traditions. It serves as aun opening tendure which is agreed between the candidate and the seller of the vote. The agreement is not disclosed to any academic writer, electoral authorities, press or fellow citizens.

What are the transactional factors in vote buying?

Vote buying includes the following casualities:

  • An advance payment
  • A wage
  • A gift

These casualties can be understood as a symbolic reference to various reasoning of the vote buying.

Some of the common reasons are:

  • A Reparation
  • An affront
  • A threat
  • A sign of virtue
  • A sign of vice
  • A sign of strength

What is vote buying in elections?

Vote buying in elections can be understood as paying candidates to vote for the a particular citizen. The symbolic reason of the same can be explained as a threat or a gift depending on different cultural benefits.

In general, vote buying in elections is considered an illegal practice, and thus cannot be disclosed in public. As an economist, the individuals try to analyze the economic condition of a region to understand the biased voting in that particular area. Vote buying is a strict biased causality which needs to be understood by the economists and take a proper action as required.

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