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Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) Assignment Help in 5 Easy Steps
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We’ll explain the topic for you with an introduction and then discuss the actual method.

What is the deal about Vogel’s Approximation Method?
Vogel’s Approximation Method is the procedure used for reducing the cost of transportation from one place to another by interpreting these given transportation costs on a Mathematical table. Here, the columns are used to represent delivery or demand points and the rows represent supply points. This method is thereafter used to draw a feasible solution for transportation of goods, where the solution is either optimal or nearly optimal.

Now, students might wonder, how to implement VAM? Well, it is to be done in the following five steps:
1.    Identify the minimum and next to minimum transportation cost for each row and column.
2.    Find out the differences between the two transportation costs identified for each row and column. The result needs to be positive.
3.    Figure out the maximum difference among the columns as well as among rows.
4.    Assign all demand units for this minimum number in the column which is exhibiting the maximum difference. Repeat same procedure for rows as well.
5.    Remove this particular column and row from the equation and keep repeating the procedure until all demand units are completely filled up.

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