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Viruses Assignment Answers for Students Struggling with Subject 

Viruses attack the body of the host and create infection.

Viruses create a lot of trouble in the form various infections like flu, fever, cough and cold etc. The worst part about handling them is that they are invisible, and it is only under the microscope that we can fathom the structure of various viruses.

With advent of time, a lot of technologies have come into existence to assist us with these challenges.

An Introduction to Viruses

Viruses are extremely microscopic and because of this, they are hard to detect. They multiply within living cells only, and hence are always on the lookout.

Apart from entering the host body and thriving on the nutrition, viruses also try to introduce their genetic fabric inside the host body.

Viruses contain a protein coat, tail and genetic matter. To counter the protein set up of the virus, the host body produces many more proteins and this ends up disturbing the regular defense mechanism of human body.

Since Viruses have vast and farfetched implications, students often struggle with Viruses assignment answers.

How Viruses Spread

Viruses spread via air and water. Coughing and sneezing are hence considered contagious.

Consumption of contaminated food is equally disastrous as viruses multiply easily in food. It is considered unhealthy to consume stale food as the viruses have already attached the food article, making it unfit for consumption. Various diseases Influenza, Measles, Chicken Pox multiply due to uncontrolled multiplication of harmful viruses.

Not to forget the deadly AIDS, which is also caused by HIV.

Protection against Viruses

There is no specific manner in which the human body can be protected from viruses. They cannot be viewed by naked eye, and hence it is difficult to manage them effectively.

Antibiotics offer a lot of immunity however the viruses become immune to antibiotics after a certain period of time as well. The best way to avoid virus attack is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

The vast scope of this subject makes students to look for Viruses homework answers.

Viruses Assignment Answers & You

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