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Like all other fields of education, marketing comes with its own baggage. By baggage, a huge extended territory of sub-topics and contents is described. A considerable number of them are taught in details in schools and then in colleges when students take up marketing as their major subject. Amongst these topics that are absolutely unavoidable if a person wants to establish himself in the field of business and marketing.

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Definition of Vertical Marketing Systems in brief

Channel integration as we know is a mode of strategies a market system such that the operating partners work in harmony to establish greater stability in the market and bring in an increased amount of revenues.

There are two broad distinctions of the channel integration system. They are-

  • Vertical marketing system
  • Horizontal marketing system

In a vertical marketing system, it is seen that three dimensions of a market operate in accordance to one another to fulfill the demands and needs of the consumers. The functional quarters in a vertical marketing system are the producer or the manufacturer, the wholesaler of the market, and the retailer. These quarters work together to restore a stable market scenario.

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Vertical marketing system and its 3 basic types

  • The corporate system

Here all the departments of a particular channel starting from the manufacturing to the market (stores) are brought under the same roof or under the ownership of a particular business.

  • The contractual system

Here the departments function individually.

  • The administered system

Here one of the members belonging to the distribution channel has the upper-hand.

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