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What isVehicle-to-grid?

Electrical engineering students have to learn Vehicle-to-grid. Students who are interested in the engineering of vehicles have to study this portion. In this process, electric cars are connected to power grid. With the help of this, the electric car gets charge. This can be applied with gridable vehicles. These cars created with electric grid capacity. You can improve your knowledge on Vehicle-to-grid with Vehicle-to-grid Assignment Help service.

Three versions:

There are three versions of Vehicle-to-grid idea.

These are:

  • A hybrid vehicle generates power from the fuel that is stored.
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicle uses rechargeable battery capacity for providing power when need.
  • A solar vehicle uses its extra charging ability for providing power when the battery is entirely charged.

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Types of Vehicle-to-grid:

There are two types of Vehicle-to-grid. These are:

Unidirectional V2G

Bidirectional V2G

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