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This topic has quite a long name. So let us first break it into parts for a better insight.What is this variance analysis and what do we mean by costing based on activities?Students of statistics know better than anyone what is meant by variance. It is a measure of deviations of each statistical data from its average. This definition, however, is modified in case of accounting, but the idea of deviation is not abandoned as a whole.

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A brief discussion on this topic

A business, firm or company always has a plan to run their work. This plan includes what all would be the trend of their credits, investments, capitals, sales, revenue, etc.This of course,has been constructed by accountants in a manner to maximise profit under all sorts of constraints.

The job of the company is simply to stick to this plan. But that is the hard part. Sticking to plan all the time is hardly possible. Hence, deviation of business from their plan occurs very often. This deviation is measured as variance and finding out reasons behind deviating is termed as variance analysis.Troublesome assignments from these parts demand variance analysis and activity-based costing assignment help.

Activity based costing or ABC, in short,is a special and unique type of costing method. It identifies activities required by manufacturer of a product and accordingly allocates overhead cost on most needed activities amongst those.This method is very useful in chalking out a good plan for a company and sticking to that is relatively easier, in general.Hence, it ensures fewer variances and better running of a company.

However, there is a common feeling amongst accountants, that analysing variances is more compatible with traditional costing methods. But it is not really true, as even in case of ABC, methods of calculating variances is the same. To understand better on how these two works together accept variance analysis and activity-based costing homework help of

Terrors for students

Apparently, these topics may look or seem quite simple. But, only their students know what they are.There are no less than eight different types of variances viz. Labour rate, material yield, selling price variances, etc. It is not at all an easy job to keep all these in mind along with their methods of computations. Computations play significant roles in ABC as well.

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