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Valuation of Liabilities Meaning

Like valuation can be measured for assets, the same can be done for liabilities. There are various methods which are used to do such assessments. For example, valuation of liabilities includes bonds which a company issue. Verification and valuation of liabilities are as vital as valuation of assets. The actual state of business comes to light when both assets, as well as liabilities, are adequately verified and valued.

There are various types of liabilities which need to be verified and also valued. The different approaches are discussed below in brief.

Trade Creditors’ Valuation and Verification

The right liabilities depend on correct purchases, so an auditor needs to compare gross profit’s percentage to purchase with previous years to verify and value purchases’ correctness. An auditor should also have a creditors’ schedule to verify ledger account balances and account statements provided by creditors. Gather more information on this by getting Valuing Liabilities assignment answers.

If Bills Payable is Applicable

The total bills payable should be obtained and compared with payable bills account. If bills are paid after date on balance sheet, then it should be examined with cashbook pass entries. Should also verify confirmatory statements from drawers with permission from clients.

Loans for Valuing Liability

Loans’ existence should be verified when valuing liabilities. By having a loan agreement, an auditor should agree on loan amount, nature and period of loan, etc. The balance of unpaid loan should be confirmed by creditors directly with client’s permission. Valuing Liabilities assignment answers aid learners, to get all the details under this subhead.

Outstanding Liabilities’ Valuation

If there are outstanding liabilities, then an auditor should acquire a certificate which states that all the expenses which are payable are present in account. Checking all provisions for outstanding costs by checking of receipts and various other vouchers.

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