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Black and Scholes Model basically deal with fluctuations in prices of financial instruments such as stocks and shares that are issued by any company. This model can be used to find out the price of a European call or put option. Students have been finding this model extremely difficult to understand. Also they fail to apply its logic when it comes to calculations. To help them out with their anxieties, has stepped forward with its unique learning agenda of Value Using Black and Scholes Model Assignment Help.

Further knowledge on Value Using Black and Scholes Model
Now why would you use Black and Scholes Model? The answer to this lies in the evaluation of premium of an option. This is why the model is considered to be one of the best options pricing model.  You can make a few changes to the model by using the ex-dividend date value of stock as it does not consider the dividend payments that are made during the life of the option. The formula that this model entails include current underlying price, strike price of options, expiration time, volatility and risk-free interest rates.

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