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If you are having trouble understanding what customer value and satisfaction mean and what the differences between them are, it is recommended that you hire our value and satisfaction homework help. Although they do sound similar, there are certain differences between them. Both customer value and customer satisfaction emerge from the same concept of customer delight. However, both of them are used for identifying different parameters of customer perception, customer experience and purchasing behavior.

Benefits of proper customer value and satisfaction

There are some obvious differences between both customer value and customer satisfaction, although they can be hard to spot on a simple sight. Both are important for all organizations, and they need to be concentrated upon for the sake of excellence of business. The benefits from excelling in customer satisfaction and customer value include:

  • Customer loyalty
  • High customer lifetime value
  • Goodwill
  • Customer retention
  • Market leadership

Since the concepts tend to be different from individual to individual, both are subjective concepts. Nevertheless, getting our value and satisfaction assignment help can allow you to have a better understanding of both concepts.

Customer Value

Because of lack of clarity and ambiguity, customer value is a highly misused concept. Value has been explained differently by different authors. Thus, a proper classification is important. Theoretically, the value is the difference between total perceived benefit and total perceived cost. Customers generally concern themselves with the benefit they acquire and the price they pay for it. Thus, the following equation depicts customer value:

Customer Value = Total Customer Benefits – Total Customer Costs

Benefits include quality of product, warranty, after-sales service, free delivery, cost of repair, etc. Customer cost is not just limited to the price; it even includes time and energy spent, risks, stress, etc. With our value and satisfaction assignment help, our experts will lay emphasis on this equation to help you with your assignment.

Customer satisfaction

An organization can be driven to excellent with proper customer satisfaction while a dissatisfaction may even drive it out of business. It is actually that crucial. The match between the expectations of the customer from a product and the actual performance of the product is actually what classified customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction differs from individual to individual and this is very hard to quantify. Expectations from a product and how a customer perceives the performance of a product is more on an emotional level. Satisfaction is something that individuals feel, and it can be influenced by past experiences, friend recommendations, competitor information and seller promise.

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