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The utility possibility frontier is a graphical representation which shows the utility that each person in the society gets from the maximum amount of the service given to a person. It focuses on the equal distribution of income. Hence, it mainly represents the satisfaction of consumers when he successfully trades a product in the market that provides him with good outcomes.

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Defining an equitable allocation

The definition can be a bit complex. Sometimes it is possible that an inefficient allocation may prove to be fairer than an efficient allocation. Here, you can find the overall explanation. However, if you want to understand it correctly, you can also refer to the utility possibilities frontier homework help.

  • The solution to this question of allocating products depends on the perception of equity and on its interpersonal comparisons that a company is ready to make.
  • To figure out if it is socially desirable or not, you can use the welfare function to determine the desirability of utility. You can find it after you apply it to the service of each person.
  • At first, it will weigh the utility of every individual and after that increase the utility of all the members.

Rawlsian view on the UPF

With the utility possibilities frontier homework help, the Rawlsian view focuses on the equitable resources which improve the service of every individual. It is also applicable even to the least known person in the society. It also concentrates on distributing the resources among the people equally.  It is because it might remove the incentive for the people working hard. However, it might not be possible always. It can either do the equal distribution or not.

For example, if you pay the productive people more than the less productive one, it will increase the work of the highly productive employees. It will result in quality goods and services which can be more in number.

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