Uses and Limitations of the Leverage Effect Homework Help

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Uses and Limitations of the Leverage Effect Assignment Help

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Leverage effect as per definition is a mode of using the borrowed capitals to earn increased revenues. This method is employed by companies to increase their funds and better the income of its stockholders through greater returns with out investing too much. Leverage effect is called in by companies when the changes in assets or its volatility increases and the prices consequently decrease.

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Important uses and advantages of leverage effect

Although leverage effect might sound like risky prospect since it involves the use of debts or borrowed capitals, its advantages in making profitable business are too lucrative to ignore.

  • An improved approach to the capital

Financial leverage or the leverage effect surely improves the worth of every penny which is invested in a venture. A well-executed strategy through leveraged finance is sure to bring better accomplishments than otherwise. The probability of doing better business with leverage finance is higher.

  • Best-fitted for short-term goals

Since leveraged finance consequently adds to the accessory costs and builds up debts, it is the most appropriate option of making money over a short period. Companies can employ leverage effect to achieve narrower and more specific objectives that will lead to the growth of the firm.

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The limitations of the leverage effect


  • Leverage effect can be employed only when it is seen that a company’s income is more than the preference shares, the fixed rate of interest and some other factors.
  • Only the firms that have secured mode of constant income is suitable for opting for leverage finance. Else the risks only tend to magnify.
  • Companies that frequently choose leveraged finance as a mode of conducting business may have to face certain limitations from financial institutions. This is mostly due to the unpredictable and uncertain nature of the method.

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