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United States Versus Foreign Business Cultures Homework Help Needed? Look Here

United States culture is sometimes said to be drastically different from other cultures. The reasons could be many. People come to US from various parts of the world. It’s a blend of different cultures. Also, after European settlement, people have built this entire nation by their own hard work, of course in help with native Americans. Hence people here value more on time, they are harder at the outside and to some extent individualistic. Men and women are also not really seen as different entities of gender, but mostly they are considered equal.

Hence come the culture difference in business:

Let the war begin

Let’s talk about United States versus Foreign Business Cultures homework help.

Firstly, Americans put high importance to time because time is very valuable to them, “Time is money” is commonly said phrase here. Unlike to foreign cultures where relationships are more important even if it is at the cost of a lot of time.

Secondly, American peoples try not to get very close while doing a business dealing which also very different from some foreign business cultures.

Thirdly, when it comes to business, value of a man and a woman is same in United States. Again, that might be different in some cultures.

Fourth, Americans do not mix business with religion unlike some other cultures where some religious practices are thought to be auspicious.

Fifth, in US people focus more on personal achievements and value competitiveness. But in some foreign cultures team spirit, collective achievements are more important than individual achievements.

Sixth, eating habits differ significantly with foreign cultures compared to Americans. Punctuality

Seven, some foreign cultures try to make a relationship with their client before business, which is not at all the case in US.

Hence you can understand how cultural difference create an opinion and thus business dealing

Differences between Americans and other cultures.Because if this difference often issues arise for trading with United States and many other cultures. Although with time this gap is slowly but steadily merging. This is true especially for the millennial generation people, who are anyways influenced by American culture.

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