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Capital Budgeting is the most critical subject in Finance. It means that a company or firm plans to release budgets or funds towards a project or investment which will lead to exponential growth in the profits.

This process has two aspects; the first is choosing the project or the asset which will yield to fantastic profits, the second one being the analysis and study of uncertainty.

Explanation of Capital Budgeting Processes

  • The first process is that of choosing the right asset or project which will lead to an increase in profits.
  • A lot goes into deciding the right asset or project which can give profits and higher Return on Investment. There are certain factors like market demands, demand and supply equations and profit margins which decide this aspect.
  • The second aspect is analysis of uncertainty in Capital Budgeting. The investments are planned keeping a very long duration in mind hence it is essential that all the factors are kept in mind before getting on to the process of actual investments.
  • It is a mandatory process, and any firm looking at a huge margin of growth through investments will go through the analysis of capital budgeting.
  • Uncertainty in Capital Budgeting is analysed by considering the risk associated with the asset. There are a few questions, like the worst possible scenarios, which should be taken into account before arriving at the right decision.

Factors considered in Analysis of Uncertainty in Capital Budgeting

A Financial Analyst needs to keep in mind various factors in mind before arriving at the right conclusion. They are hurdle rate, cut-off rate, required rate, Rate of Return and Return on Investment.

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No organisation will invest in a project unless it is worth. The proposals and financial evaluations are first brought to the table before releasing any capital. This not only gives validity to the decision of investment, but also gives a sense of security to the stakeholders.

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