Guidance to the Types of Ratio Analysis

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Knowing about types of ratio analysis

In order to go for this assignment, the various types of ratio analysis should be clearly known. These various types of ratio analysis include

  • Liquidity Ratios

A business’s liquidity is determined by liquidity ratios. These liquidity ratios are used to convert assets into cash. Banks, employees, and suppliers find these liquidity ratios very helpful.Some of the liquidity ratios include cash conversion cycle, cash ratio, quick ratio and current ratio. These are very helpful for us in providing you with Types of Ratio homework help.

  • Activity Ratios

To find out the effective conversion of inventories into sales and cash by the business, activity ratios are used. Activity ratios are also used to find out how the business is utilizing its working capital and fixed assets.

The most important activity ratios are payables turnover ratio, days sales in inventory, working capital turnover ratio, fixed asset turnover ratio, and receivables turnover ratio.

  • Profitability Ratio

Every business has the ability for generating profit for the owners. The financial performance of a business is communicated by profitability ratios. These ratios include earning per share, return on equity, return on assets, operating profit margin, gross profit margin and net profit margin. We will be providing the details of all these ratios in our Types of Ratio homework help.

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