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True Blood Report Assignment Help

The Objectives of Financial Reporting as Stated by the True Blood ReportΒ 

The financial report was issued by the true blood committee in the year 1973. This report had a remarkable contribution to FASB’s effort which mainly dealt with the conceptual framework.

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Objectives of financial reporting as laid down by true blood committee

  1. It is important for financial reports to provide certain information that will help potential investors to understand the financial position of a company. These creditors and investors will be able to take the right investment decision based on this report.

It also states that the information that is mentioned in these financial reports should be easy to understand and people who have a little bit of understanding about economic and business activities should be able to understand this report quite easily.

Again this statement should also not be so direct because otherwise it will be misused by some people.

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  1. The financialreport should help creditors, as well as investors, assess the timing, the amount, the improbability of cash receipts, the maturity value of securities and loans and also the proceeds from sales.

3.Β Β Β Β Β  Financial reporting should also be able to provide important information about economic resources of an enterprise, the equity of the owner as well as the obligation. It should also be able to bring out strengths as well as weaknesses and thereby find out solvency and liquidity.

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  1. This report also helps in getting an idea about the financial position of a particular company. If you have proper information about the past, then it will surely help you assess the future of a particular organization.
  1. This report should also be able to give the owners of a company a clear picture about how managers utilized the economic resources of that company. The managers should also be able to deal with economic resources in the best way even during inflation as well as deflation.

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