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Why Trigonometry Homework Answers Are Necessary for You? 

Trigonometry Homework Answers are a part of Mathematics which was evolved from Geometry and the Astronomical Sciences. When the ancient scientists and scholars were looking at the outer space through the telescope, they realised that they could correlate certain angles with the lengths of their sides. Thus, this gave rise to the subject of Trigonometry Assignment Answers. This is an essential part of Calculus and Pre-Calculus. You as a student will need to study this branch of Mathematics if you desire to pursue higher sciences.

Sides of an angle in Trigonometry

Let us take example of a triangle to explain the important sides used in Trigonometry. Imagine a triangle ABC, with an angle of 90° at point B. Now using this we are going to explain the three important sides of the triangle which form the basis of Trigonometry Assignment Answers.

  • Hypotenuse:

If the angle is at point B, then the side opposite the angle is the Hypotenuse of the triangle ABC. In our example the line AC represents the Hypotenuse.

  • Base:

The line which forms the base of the angle is known as the Base of the Triangle. In our example of triangle ABC, the line BC forms the base of the angle.

  • Perpendicular:

The perpendicular in the triangle ABC is that side of the triangle along which the line is measured. Thus, it is used to calculate the angle of the triangle. In triangle ABC, the side AB represents the Perpendicular of the triangle.

The Trigonometric Functions in Trigonometry Assignment Answers: 

There are primarily three ratios which are used to calculate the various Trigonometric Functions in Trigonometry Homework Answers. They have been discussed below:


  • Sin function:

The sin function is a ratio between the side which is opposite to the angle and the Hypotenuse. Thus, it is given by Opposite / Hypotenuse. In our example of triangle ABC, sin function is calculated by Perpendicular / Hypotenuse or AB / AC.

  • Cos function:

The cos function is the ratio between the Base and the Hypotenuse. Its formula is Base / Hypotenuse and in our example of triangle ABC it will be BC /AC.

  • Tan function:

The tan function is the ratio between the Perpendicular and the Base of the triangle. It can also be calculated with the help of the sin and cos functions. As tan is also the ratio between the sin function and the cos function. In the example of triangle ABC, it is given by AB / BC.

There are three other Trigonometric Functions which have been derived from the above three and are used frequently in Trigonometry. They are:

  • Cosec function:

This is the reciprocal of the sin function. Thus, it can also be written as Hypotenuse / Perpendicular.

  • Sec function:

This is the reciprocal of the COS function. Thus, it can also be written as Hypotenuse / Base.

  • Cot function:

This is the reciprocal of the tan function. And the formula for it is Base / Perpendicular.

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