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Translocation is the process of moving of a part of any chromosome to another position. This process is observed when non homologous chromosomes are involved.

Due to the complexity of the process, most of the students often struggle with Translocation assignment answers.

Translocation as a Subject

Translocation deals with the anomaly or abnormality caused due to realignment of parts amongst a pair of chromosomes. They are usually non homologous, i.e., they have a different kinds of genes.

Translocation is usually between two different types of genes, and hence the outcome is negative in nature.  This process usually leads to cancer, as compatibility is inadequate.

This process is considered balanced or healthy when the genetic fabric of the two chromosomes is compatible. The problem arises when there is a complete mismatch of genetic exchange.

Translocation – Must Know Information

If you have been struggling with Translocation assignment answers, then you should be aware of few basic factors involving this process:

  1. Translocation is neither loss nor gain. It is simply the exchange or rearrangement between chromosomes.
  2. It occurs due discrepancies during crossing over. Though the exchange in homologous chromosomes does not cause any anomaly, as the genetic fabric is similar. Only in case of non homologous chromosomes, the process of translocation can create a trouble.
  3. Balanced translocation is between similar genes, and unbalanced translocation is between non homologous genes.
  4. Few diseases which can be caused by non homologous transfer are Cancer, infertility and Down’s syndrome.

Translocation homework answers are often challenging as there are multiple challenges to the genetic mutation. Though the process of studying Genealogy is still at a nascent stage, few major breakthroughs in this field have indeed made this subject interesting.

Study the Subject Well

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