Major highlights about the transients:

  1. The current change in R-L with respect to time, when switch is on and t=0, could be represented by

i = V / R [1 –e –(R / L)t]

  1. The RMS value that is used for the power calculation could be represented by,

P= VrmsIrms = Irms2R= Vrms2/R

  1. The power consumed in the whole circuit when AC through pure capacitance alone is always zero and could be expressed as

Vmax / √2 .Imax / √2 ʃ0 sin 2 ωt = 0

  1. c. generators produce emf which is sinusoidal. Thus, the relationship between the induced emf and the time taken is given by the following equation

e= EmaxSinωt

  1. The value of the D.C. current which would have passed through the same circuit and has generated the same heat as it would have been generated by the A.C. current for the same amount of time.
  1. each time you apply an AC voltage to thepure inductive coil, a back emf would produce due to self-inductance of the coil.


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