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What is transfer prices designed for multiple objectives?

The term “transfer price” refers to the price at which a company’s divisions enter into transactions with each other, such as the trading of labor or supplies between departments. “Transfer price” can also be referred to as a “Transfer cost.” The use of transfer prices becomes necessary for a bigger multi-entity firm once its individual entities are measured and treated as entities that are run in an isolated way.

In managerial accounting, when the varied divisions of a bigger multi-entity firm are in control of their own profits, they are also simultaneously responsible for their own ROIC (Return On Invested Capital). Naturally, a transfer price is utilized for cost determination when there is necessity of divisions to transact between themselves.

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Why is it Important?

Regulations on transfer pricing make sure that there are accuracy and fairness of transfer pricing among entities that are associated and belong to a single organization or firm. With such regulations, a strict rule is established that proclaims that companies have to establish pricing depending on same types of transactions conducted between parties that are at arm’s length and do not belong to the same firm.

Transfer prices are frequently put to use when goods are sold to a company in domestic jurisdictions as well to the company’s other parts in various other international jurisdictions. Such kind of transfer pricing is common. Around 60% of the services and goods that are internationally sold are carried out within the same company as compared to between different companies.

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