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Time value of money:

Time value is one of the fundamental concepts in finance that is linked with money. In this perspective, there are five variables that define time value of money problems. The five variables include:

  1. Present Value (PV):

PV is the term that occurs at the beginning of money problems. This tells the story that an investment has been happened today.

  1. Future Value (FV):

FV is the term that occurs at the end of cash flow. This is a single cash flow, but if it occurs more than single time, then it is termed as an annuity payment.

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  1. Number of Periods (N):

This is the total length of the time that is taken to do all the investments. N might be number of years or something which is often needed to adjust after specific time period.

  1. Interest Rate (i):

It is the growth rate of money after an investment. This is necessary to calculate and understand the level of profit.

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  1. Payment Amount (PMT):

PMT is the amount that is given to the supports for their services that are needed to build an organization and run it confidently.

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