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What is Time Series Analysis?

The term Time series explains about list of data points in order of time. It means any constant data points that get recorded on a perfect time interval are known as time series. Tides in oceans and sea waves, opening and closing point of trade market, Sunspots counts and many other examples are there that needs points or records on the perfect time interval.

What is time series forecasting?

Time series Forecasting is a model that explains or describe the models related to data values, which are based on the determination of previous values of data. Several models are predicted to give an exact valuation of forecasting.

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What are the different fields of Time series Analysis?

Different fields where time series are used as –

  • signal processing
  • statistics
  • econometrics,
  • pattern recognition,
  • weather forecasting
  • mathematical finance
  • earthquake prediction
  • intelligent transport and trajectory forecasting
  • control engineering
  • electroencephalography
  • Astronomy
  • Applied science and Engineering
  • Communications engineering

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