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Economics is a vast subject. Not only does it include all sorts of financial sectors in our society, but also different societies in different nations are brought into account in case of macro economical systems.Financial and economical flows and exchanges vary from country to country, based on several factors.

So, all these varying systems and information are to be taken into account. This is a very painful, lengthy and exhausting work. So to reduce all those hectic jobs and make them a bit simpler, economists came up with the brilliant idea of introducing models.

It is so effective and popular a concept that it has been included in student level syllabus too. For tackling questions from these topics students mostly seek our theories and models homework help.

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A model is nothing but a theoretical structure representing financial and economic processes in a certain company, sector or area. Needless to say, it is theory that is at the base of such a thing holding it up like a pillar. These theories are formulated by sets of variables and all sorts of logical and mathematical dependencies between them. For answering better regarding definitional questions from this chapter, we recommend our theories and models assignment help.

So, how is a model created? They are formulated from long time over viewing and understanding of market in a concerned place or for a concerned company or individual. Of course, basic economic theories plays vital role in these.For details of its structuring contact our theories and models homework help.

Models are mainly of three types. They are:

  1. Qualitative–

It includes chalking out all sorts of qualitative and logical processes in market. It does not involve any mathematics at all and is purely based on common sense and market study. That is why they often do not show much precision.

  1. Non-stochastic or semi-quantitative –

They deal with logical relationships between economic variables, but usually not in terms of numbers. They are rather comfortable with graphical and pictorial representation of a market system.

  1. Stochastic –

It involves all sorts of observable variables related to markets and their rigorous calculations and functional dependencies. It is basically a mathematical model which is most effective as far as economy as well as finance is concerned.

These three types of models can group together the several complexities of economics and finance. They help to organize the analysis and study. Now even you can prove to be good at this simply by taking our theories and models assignment help.

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